Balanced Attack of Ducks Missing One Key Piece to Puzzle

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IApril 10, 2008

  The Ducks, although likely winner of the series against the Stars (this coming from a Stars and a Ducks fan), have one piece, or rather one man, missing from the puzzle that will hinder them from possibly re-lifting the Cup. This man was a long time member of the Ducks.  Although I was never a huge fan of him, his trade to another team is probably not only the biggest slap in the face as far as him being a long time player, but also the worst trade I can recall since I became a hockey fan nine years ago.

The man I am speaking of is Andy Mcdonald, an unflashy almost grind type of player who was the top center on the team. I never met the man in person, but by his style of play he is clearly unselfish and loves the game and is willing to do anything to win. No, he was not as talented as Ryan Getzlaf or Teemu Selanne but it became apparent last year in the playoffs he was a big game type of player.

   Mcdonald was traded to St. Louis for a draft pick, a young player I've never heard of, and the aging Doug Weight. Weight was a great player in his prime and a fantastic leader, but why trade a long time Duck who embodied more than what Weight has done as a Duck to get an old man who is on his last leg in the game? Weight has chalked up twenty-five points in sixety-seven games this season while Mcdonald playing for the terrible St. Louis Blues has managed to amass fifty-two points in eighty-two games. No he's not a point a game youngster with flash like Alex Ovhechkin, but this is terrible! It can't be his age because he is capable of playing eighty-two games, something Weight is not capable of doing, whether it be due to injuries or just being a scratch.

    For whatever reason, the Ducks organization thought this was a good trade.  I will just end in a word of caution. They traded away a man who was a clutch player in last years Stanley Cup for a man who looks to have no real spot in the current line up (view the Ducks Depth Chart on their website). I hope for the management's sake they do not have any issues coming up with clutch goals in the playoffs, because if they do...the piece they need is making a new home for himself in St. Louis with a team looking for a new lease on life and a team that is building to be a Cup contender very soon. So congrats to the St. Louis Blues on a great trade, and although I'm a Ducks fan and want to see a repeat of last year...Boo for trading away a man who embodies what hockey is about. If in a few years Andy is able to beat the Ducks with a game winning goal to clinch the Blues a journey to the Cup finals, it would only be sweet justice.

    I was never a die-hard fan of Andy Mcdonald as a Duck, but now, due to the most pathetic trade ever, I cheer for him every time the Blues play.


 > Added Sunday, April 13, 2008.

     I found this quote on regarding the Game 1 healthy scratching of Dough weight and thought it was relevant to the above topic. This is a copy and Paste from the article. It makes me glad to know im not the only one who thinks this trade was a terrible decision.

Weight has been a disappointment since his acquisition from St. Louis on Dec. 14 for Andy McDonald. He had only six goals and 14 points in 38 games with the Ducks during the regular season.

Between his time in St. Louis and Anaheim, Weight had the worst season of his 16-year career as he totaled a career-low 25 points, including 10 goals.

As far as this season, Weight wouldn't rehash why it's gone so wrong.

"I'd gladly talk about that stuff after the year," he said. "And it's not a negative. I think change is difficult. There's a million different answers.

"There's still a lot of time to play hockey and a lot of time to contribute. Maybe I have to contribute in certain different ways than I had expected. That's yet to see, yet to come. Thinking about it is too much."

Article: Doug Weight scratched for Game 1 by Eric Stephens, LA Times Staff Writer, April 11, 2008.