Big 12 Media Days: Winners and Losers of Day 2

Sean Frye@Sean_E_FryeFeatured ColumnistJuly 23, 2013

Big 12 Media Days: Winners and Losers of Day 2

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    In the Big 12's second and final day of football media days in Dallas, team representatives—including the head coaches from Baylor, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas and Iowa State—showed up to talk about the upcoming season. 

    Dana Holgorsen, the Mountaineers head coach, made waves with his comments directed at Nick Saban and Bret Bielema about the uptempo style of offense. 

    Walt Anderson, the coordinator of officials, struggled to clearly explain the rule changes for this year. 

    Here are the rest of your winners and losers from Day 2 of the Big 12 media days.

    *All quotes obtained firsthand unless otherwise noted

Winner: Dana Holgorsen

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    Holgorsen's press conference at Big 12 media days was highlighted by his remarks about the rise of the no-huddle offense in college football, a system that he has nearly perfected. 

    When asked about Nick Saban's and Bret Bielema's criticism of the system, Holgorsen fired back.

    "Get over it, because it's not going to change," Holgorsen said. "It's going into the NFL, for crying out loud."

    It's not often that a coach in the Big 12 has the courage to stand up to the likes of Saban. But when they do, it shows that those teams have the same type of swagger that SEC schools do.

    And that's what makes Holgorsen a winner.  

Loser: Walt Anderson

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    Walt Anderson, the coordinator of officials, gave the writers a breakdown of the new rules in 2013, including the targeting rule, which now penalizes a player for targeting with an automatic ejection. 

    During the presser, Anderson was shown a video of the Jadeveon Clowney hit on Michigan running back Vincent Smith. Anderson said he couldn't make a call, but that there was a possibility for an ejection. 

    At one point, he seemed to contradict himself. 

    "We need to celebrate big hits. But what we've got to get out of is targeting," Anderson said. 

    Plus, some of the writers appeared confused on Anderson's stance on targeting after the press conference.

Winner: Lache Seastrunk

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    Lache Seastrunk, the Baylor Bears running back, predicted a Heisman Trophy for himself, and conference and national titles for his team on Tuesday. 

    Those are big-time predictions for sure. 

    With exception to possibly the national title call, though, he may be right. Seastrunk is the Big 12's preseason Offensive Player of the Year for 2013 and is one of the best backs in the country. 

    He didn't back down from the comments he made either. 

    "Why should I regret it? I said it. You want me to take it back? People are going to be negative, they're always going to have their negative comments," Seastrunk said. "If I believe in my heart, it can happen." 

    Coach Art Briles also had his back. 

    "He's always that way. Everybody thinks that he's just this guy with the big bold predictions. But if you're a pretty premier, elite athlete and I ask you if you think you're good enough to win the Heisman, I would want you to say, 'Yes sir.'"

    You have to respect a guy that has that much confidence in his team. And that can go a long way on the field too. 

Loser: Paul Rhoads

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    First off, while Rhoads is a loser on this list, it's not because of anything he said or did, per se. He's a good talker and he loves his team. And I respect that. 

    But, when your press conference ends early because a room full of hundreds of reporters have no questions for you, that's a bad thing. 

    Another problem is having only one reporter interviewing you in the breakout session while a dozen writers are hoarding over Bob Stoops at a table next to you.

    Clearly, the media does not have a lot of interest in the Iowa State coach, whose team was picked to finish ninth in the preseason Big 12 poll. 

Winner: The Mountaineer Mascot

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    As I said in my Day 1 winners and losers piece, this mascot is the only one that wasn't annoying. 

    On the contrary, the Mountaineer mascot walked around the Omni Dallas Hotel like he owned the place. He had cheerleaders following him constantly, reporters asking for interviews and pictures and he even handed out free deer jerky to the media. 

    Being the only mascot that can talk certainly works in this guy's favor. But there's no denying that he had the most swagger of anybody in the room. 

Loser: Bob Stoops

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    Bob Stoops embarrassed a reporter early in his press conference for asking a question about Blake Bell taking over for Landry Jones at quarterback. 

    Stoops' explanation was that he hasn't named a starter and that the reporter should know better. 

    Come on, now. Everybody knows that Kendal Thompson or Trevor Knight won't beat out Bell for the job. It's almost insulting to even think that. 

    To embarrass a reporter like that for simply asking a question about Bell is unnecessary and set a bad tone for the press conference.