Bleacher Report Shows I Have Written 3500 MLB Stories

Steve JankowskiAnalyst IApril 10, 2008

Upon logging onto Bleacher Report this morning, writer Steve Jankowski was notified that he was promoted to Analyst. The box stating what he has written about showed that he wrote more than 3,500 articles on Major League Baseball.

"I went from having written nine MLB articles to 3,500 overnight," Steve said. "I didn't know I could write so much in my sleep. I should try that more often."

Apparently the result of a glitch, the sight of such a large number still caused a bit of a chuckle for the newly-christened analyst.

"Thirty-five hundred articles, that's pretty impressive," he said with a laugh.

The page also showed him having written nearly 3,000 NHL articles, almost 300 White Sox articles, and just more than 400 humor articles—not including the one you are now reading.

A source close to the writer said he'll take the additional credit, but wouldn't be surprised if the glitch was fixed.