WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Big Show, Brie Bella and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 23, 2013

WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Big Show, Brie Bella and More

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    Outside of the WWE ring, rumors surround Big Show, Brie Bella and the Ultimate Warrior.

    Folks are wondering why Big Show no-showed Monday's WWE Raw. Gossip surrounds Brie for showing too much.

    Elsewhere, there's new word on the Chris Benoit film, speculation about the Ultimate Warrior's role in WWE and whether or not a former Diva is returning. Sifting through the reports and hearsay, let's take a look at this buzz and try to decipher which of it is valid.

Big Show

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    Monday's WWE Raw was noticeably short one giant.

    The company advertised his return to the ring, but Big Show was not part of the show in Austin, Texas. Wrestling Observer via WrestlingInc.com reports that "the reason Big Show didn't return on last night's RAW may be because of his knee injury. Show was still limping as recent as the Money in the Bank pay-per-view."

    Word was that Big Show was gutting through a torn labrum, so news of a knee injury keeping him out of action comes as a surprise. WWE posted the above video just days before Big Show's scheduled return, so one has to wonder what happened between then and Monday.

    Did Big Show have a setback, a new injury or is something else at play here?


Brie Bella

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    When the cast of Total Divas appeared on Miz TV on Monday, Brie Bella showed more of herself than she intended.

    Her breast slipped out of her dress a la Janet Jackson at XXXVIII and according to Wrestling Observer via WrestlingInc.com, "WWE officials were furious over the Brie Bella nipple slip."

    Apparently management ordered a Twitter apology.

    I apologize 4 my wardrobe malfunction I'm embarrassed & it looks as though the humidity made my tape come off You'll never see that again! B

    — The Bella Twins (@nicoleandbri) July 23, 2013

    The humidity may actually be to blame, but conspiracy theorists are suggesting that Brie's wardrobe malfunction may have been on purpose to create buzz for the soon-to-premiere reality show. That sounds far-fetched to say the least.

    The only certainty is that a number of male fans will be Googling images of the incident.

Ultimate Warrior

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    Will WWE and Ultimate Warrior's relationship extend beyond the former WWE champ's inclusion in the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game?

    Warrior's likeness is available as a pre-order bonus in the game, but fans are wondering if he will also make a return to the real ring. This also perhaps opens the door his entry in the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Vince McMahon stirred up rumors when he tweeted, "I want to personally welcome Ultimate Warrior back to @WWE." The way he phrased that was very inclusive. It at least sounds like he's welcoming him to more than just a game.

    It's Warrior's rambling tweet directed at McMahon though that has people talking.

    In it, he reflects on his past and sounds open to returning in some capacity. He wrote that, "Wisdom takes a seat at the table with us when we meet, but we each also leave unburied a slight edge of the hatchet we've carried over the years," followed by, "coming prepared to kill one another makes for a interesting backup plan."

    Interpreting those statements may leave one with a headache. They seem to mostly say that he's willing to patch things up with McMahon, which in all likelihood means Warrior joins the 2014 Hall of Fame class.

Victoria Returning?

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    Lisa Marie Varon, who has wrestled as Victoria and Tara, is without a company. TNA released her last week and there are whispers of her heading back to WWE.

    Varon has been posting videos of herself working out, leading fans to use the hashtag #WhatIsSheGettingReadyFor? on Twitter and Diva-Dirt.com to speculate about her future. Varon is 42, but in great shape and would be an improvement over the majority of the current Divas division.

    She could just be working out or she could be readying herself for a return to WWE, which is the far more exciting option. WWE hasn't made a habit of hiring the wrestlers that TNA releases, but it's not hard to imagine the company making an exception here.

    Seriously!!! @getmorphednow https://t.co/LgaRoA6jjw

    — Lisa Marie Varon (@REALLiSAMARiE) July 22, 2013


Chris Benoit

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    The Chris Benoit film now has a director.

    SRG Films chose Vicente Amorim, per Deadline.com, to direct Crossface, the biopic about the former world champion whose life ended in a horrific tragedy.

    Amorim's previous work includes Good with Viggo Mortensen and Dirty Hearts.

    Deadline.com writes that the film aims to "chronicle the pressures that WWE superstar Chris Benoit faced through his wrestling career and how a lethal combination of drug-use, depression, and head trauma became unbearable for him."

    Benoit presents a difficult, controversial subject. The film should turn many away but draw plenty to it as well.

    Rumors had Liev Schreiber playing Benoit, but he denied involvement in a statement to TMZ.com. That leaves Amorim without a lead man for the moment.