Korean Baseball Mascots End Truce, Launch into Fierce Dance Battle

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 23, 2013

There are almost too many mascots being served in this video. 

Ricky Boebel of Sports Grid spotted a gem over on Reddit in the form of this video of Korean baseball mascots tearing into one another with sick moves and pop-lock goodies. 

Unfortunately, I have very little additional information to give. In fact, my favorite comment on Reddit is, "So does each team have like 5 mascots or do 10 different teams play baseball there?"

In all seriousness—and there is very little to be had when writing about a mascot dance-off—we have no clue as to the proper names and teams these mascots support.

For the fans who do know, inform we ignorant few in the comments section below. 

For the moment, we might offer that the light blue dinosaur that looks like Barney's cooler and far more hip cousin has his dance game on lockdown. 

We fast-forward into the proceedings past a mascot powwow that seemed to take place on the infield to when our blue dinosaur calls out his buddies. 

Backwards hat bird guy isn't impressed so he tries to bring it, only to have "it" brought right back on himself. We now add "never challenge a dancing dino" to "eat only breakfast food at Denny's" and "never volunteer to go shopping with the wife" on our list of important life lessons. 

The video seems to end as most of these dance battles do, with one crew completely annihilating the other to the amusement of the entire stadium. 

Unfortunately, these mascots have to go home with the realization that their dance game just wasn't good enough on this fateful night. 

Let's just hope they make it through the season despite carrying that heavy burden around their hearts. 


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