Tara and Divas Who Will Revitalize a Stale Division

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 24, 2013


Am I the only one who thinks Vince McMahon is trying to cure the problems that exist within the Divas division by treating it with reality television?

The Achilles Heel of the WWE seems to get weaker and weaker. Now with only two true superstars (Kaitlyn and AJ) carrying it on their backs, the company searches for ways to try and make it better.

The search continues and a show on E! Entertainment is not the way to make improvements, in my opinion.

If the WWE is going to make the women of the company a true part of the “wrestling” aspect of programming, there needs to be a solid foundation from which to build. While AJ, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Layla and the Bella Twins are five to start with, there must be more to this group than a pretty face and a body to die for.

While many women wrestlers have been released by other organizations (Winter, Angelina Love, Sarita and Rosita), none have made their way to the WWE. Kharma retired. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres left the company. Right now, the pickings are slim, but a cure for what is causing the pain of the WWE’s weakest link may be solved in new version of the old scene.

I’m talking about Tara.

Could a victim of TNA’s recent purge of wrestlers actually help restore life in a vacuum of drowning story telling?

According to a report on 411mania.com, “Tara has been released from her TNA contract. The former five-time Knockouts champion was being used only sporadically by the company, who has released several names as cost-cutting measures. Tara signed with the company back in 2009 following her departure from WWE.”

Tara (Lisa Marie Varon is her given name) was Victoria in the WWE before moving on to TNA in 2009. She is a former two-time champion of the Divas title. If the WWE does indeed bring her back, she is another woman whose size and strength would be an asset to the women’s ranks. While she is taller, stronger and older than most of the females in the business, what Tara does is wrestle.

While the company has worked to try and bring back former divas from the past (Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix), this is one move that makes more sense than most and would not disappoint the WWE Universe.

This also means that when Tamina comes back to the ring or Kaitlyn looks for another opponent, Tara could deliver a real wrestling match.

Lita and Trish Stratus would be so proud.

If the WWE is ever going to field a competitive division of women, the company may have to strike while the iron is hot and bring in its past to get to its future. If Tara can deliver again like she did in TNA and before in the WWE, the idea of a meaningful women’s division could become a reality.