WWE Raw Results: Top OMG and WTF Moments from July 22

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIJuly 23, 2013

WWE Raw Results: Top OMG and WTF Moments from July 22

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    This week’s episode of Raw wasn’t as consistently excellent as last week’s, but it was still a solid show.

    As has become the standard, we got an excellent TV match (unsurprisingly, featuring Daniel Bryan), among other quality segments.

    CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar was also made official for SummerSlam, though no other matches were announced for WWE’s summer blockbuster.

    Unfortunately, there were also some not-so-great segments on Raw, but thankfully, there was nothing egregiously bad.

    The following are the top OMG! and WTF?! moments from last night's episode of Raw.


    All photos courtesy of WWE.com.

OMG: Bryan Getting the Vince McMahon Treatment?

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    OK, this segment actually wasn’t that good.

    Brad Maddox has flashes of brilliance on the mic but can also be very awkward. We saw more of the latter during this Raw opener.

    Regardless, this is the beginning of what could be a very important angle.

    All of the WWE’s biggest babyfaces of the last two decades have feuded, at least briefly, with Vince McMahon.

    That includes megastars like The Rock, John Cena, CM Punk and, of course, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    With Vince provoking Bryan (via Maddox), it looks like the American Dragon will soon be added to that elite list.

WTF: What Is the WWE Doing with Christian?

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    Christian defeated Titus O’Neil in what Michael Cole described as a "big win" for the former two-time World Heavyweight champion.


    Captain Charisma recently returned from being sidelined with injury but has yet to be involved in anything particularly meaningful.

    Sure, he’s picked up some wins, but none of them have led to anything significant.

    To a lesser extent, RVD is facing a similar problem, though just seeing him wrestle is enough of a novelty for it to not be as pronounced an issue.

    Perhaps creative could kill two birds with one stone and book Mr. Monday Night vs. The Instant Classic?

WTF: Dolph Ziggler Needs Stronger Opposition

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    Dolph Ziggler faced and defeated the other member of The Primetime Players, Darren Young.

    As with Christian’s match with O’Neil, the wrestling was fine, but the problem is in the booking.

    Ever since turning babyface, The Showoff has won a few matches.

    Unfortunately, they’ve all been against jobbers.

    Even when Ziggler was the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, he had to get over as a serious threat by beating members of 3MB.

    The post-match evasion of Langston was well done, but if the WWE wants the fans to really get behind Dolph, then he'll have to best more impressive opponents. 

WTF: Miz TV with the Divas

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    This segment was doomed from the start. At least it didn’t go for too long.

    Miz TV opened with the esteemed host showing a very uninteresting clip from the upcoming Divas reality show.

    One of the new Divas from that show then tried to get some cheap heat by slapping Jerry Lawler, but it fell flat because it just felt so forced.

    Total Divas premieres this Sunday night, so hopefully we won’t have to endure many more of these elaborate advertisements.

OMG: A Midcard Feud That Matters!

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    It’s hard to watch Fandango and not think, "This is the guy that Jericho put over at WrestleMania?!" 

    The Fandango character doesn’t appear to be the big break for Johnny Curtis that it once looked like it would be.

    Hopefully Cody Rhodes will get his big break after his feud with Damien Sandow, who already has his push in the form of a blue briefcase.

    Rhodes met Fandango in a serviceable match that was interrupted by Sandow. The Dashing One overcame both men and looked great doing it.

    As exciting as it is to see Rhodes get something to do, it’s even more refreshing to see a midcard feud that’s actually interesting.

OMG: The Best vs. the Beast

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    The promo that CM Punk cut on Raw wasn’t exactly a pipe bomb, but it was equally as entertaining to watch.

    The Second City Saint addressed the elephant in the room: Brock Lesnar is a much, much bigger man than himself.

    Despite that, it’s hard to not believe that Punk can overcome The Beast with his deep resolve and determination.

    We know that he and Heyman are still friends in real life, yet the two make it easy for the audience to suspend their disbelief and emotionally invest in the program.

    Punk dropped names like The Rock and The Undertaker, but the audience didn’t pop for them.

    That’s because they were too busy chanting "CM Punk!"

OMG: Daniel Bryan Is a Superstar

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    If it wasn’t evident before, it’s certainly clear now: The WWE is serious about Daniel Bryan.

    Over the last year, he’s given the company every reason to be, and his rivalry with John Cena is the glorious fruit of his labor.

    The American Dragon was put in a Gauntlet match and faced Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro and Ryback, one after the other.

    Bryan defeated Swagger, put on a terrific match with Cesaro and then told a great story with Ryback.

    He may have been put through a table, but Bryan looked damn near invincible after his three victories (DQ still counts!).

    He’s been the most over star in the company for around a year, but the machine is finally getting behind Daniel Bryan—and it’s everything we dreamed it would be.