Toyota Fighting The FIA

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Toyota Fighting The FIA
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Toyota is the next team to leave if Max Mosley gets his way.

Toyota announced today that they can't submit their entry for next years season with the rule set Max Mosley and the FIA has suggested.

Toyotas president John Howett told Autosport "Under the rules as they are published, we cannot submit an entry, and there are concerns about the governance process within the sport, that there are clearly prescribed areas of discussion within the sporting and technical rules and we don't feel they are being complied with.

"From Toyota's perspective there are a number of concerns that really need clarifications before we commit to the future. We want to be here. We believe we have been a good corporate citizen within the F1 environment, but now we must reflect long and hard on what we do in the future."

Toyota has now joined forces with BMW Sauber and Ferrari. FOTA is sticking together with only McLaren saying that they are in the 2010 season. I guess they have to after they got off easy in the latest lie-gate case.

For me it looks like Max is trying to damage the people that were against him after his contact with some S&M girls that was made public last year. He kept saying that he knew who was to blame. If it was Ron Dennis, we will never know, but he had him forced out and I'm sure it made Max happy. So what is next on his agenda no one knows. Drivers are speaking out that "it's not Formula 1 anymore"

Max's regulations confusion is a big question-mark for every one.

Is the FIA doing anything good for the sport ? Yes they did, Now I just think we need to stop the political game and get on with Racing. That's why we fans can be happy about is that FOTA is standing together and making it more a sport for us fans and more Racing. 

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