OMG!!! The Raiders Add Weapon To Arsenal With Addition Of Lorenzo Neal

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 9, 2009

 The Oakland Raiders continue to build momentum as they acquire the experience of FB Lorenzo Neal. Lorenzo Neal has been in the league for 16 years and still remains a threat. He has blocked for some great RBs who became great because of Neals blocking ability. Neal creates holes. If it was up to me, Neal would go to the HOF for being a great FB. He should also go the the Superbowl with the Raiders this year. His chances at this point are pretty good.The Raiders are doing a great job of putting together a great team. 

  The Oakland Raiders picked up Jeff Garcia and this was a great move for the Raiders. Jeff Garcia is all heart and plays hard. He is a true general on the field and will only help JaMarcus Russell develop. Russell on the other hand is powerful. This year should be great for him since Al Davis has built a "weapon of mass destruction" to opponents of the Raiders this upcoming season.

 The Raiders acquired Khalif Barnes, another good player. There are some good young players on the team. I enjoy the talents of Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison. Trevor Scott was also impressive at seasons end. Chaz Schilens also showed some of his abilities.

  Last years star Johnnie Lee Higgins was just great to watch as he returned punts for the TD. He was also a great WR. The arsenal is just amazing. Schilenz also has great potential.

  The newly acquired Bey shocked thousands except for the true Oakland Raider fans. How could Al Davis pass on Crabtree and Macklin? Well this season will once again prove the masterminding of Davis. Bey has great speed and during his college years was double teamed quite a bit. This will not happen as much in the NFL , because with double coverage on Bey, it will leave an opening for Higgins, Miller, Schilenz, Mcfadden. Do you se what I mean? The guy is fast and will open the playing field.

  Lets take a look at the backfield. Michael Bush, Justin Fargas, Darren McFadden who would make a great WR with his great hands and hard hitting. I love to watch this guy block or tackle. JaMarcus Russell has a huge arsenal everywhere and should be thankful to Al Davis and the "Cableman".

  In the secondary, Asomugha. This is a weapon in itself. The guy (pro-bowler) is the best in the NFL. Not many QBs are brave enough to throw to his side and he shuts down his side of the field. Complimentary to Nnamndi is Chris Johnson. Chris has been in the NFL a few years but when it was his time to shine he did. He made a huge difference once Hall was demoted to towel boy then traded to the Redskins. Chris Johnson looks to have a great year as does Thomas Howard.

  Derrick Burgess hasnt been as effective but should also have a stellar year as he did a few years back when he lead the league in sacks.

  The big factor in this is that the team has a solid coaching staff. It is great that the "Cableman " came in and defeated teams at the end of last years season. It appears that him and Mr. Davis are on the same track. That track my friends will take the Silver and Black locomotive to a Superbowl Championship. This team has hints of it and gathering from the arsenal a sure playoff spot.

I was just thinking of a past Superbowl game where the Raiders had acquired a lineman from Denver named Lyle Alzado. They thought he was old and used up. Lyle Alzado, Kinlaw and Long dominated that game. Lorenzo Neal is on his way out but I am telling you, he is a great weapon and a former Fresno State Bulldog. I cant wait to get his Raider jersey. The guy is mean, real mean, ask Mario Bates :)