Big 12 Media Days: Winners and Losers of Day 1

Sean Frye@Sean_E_FryeFeatured ColumnistJuly 22, 2013

Big 12 Media Days: Winners and Losers of Day 1

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    The first day of Big 12 media days in Dallas, Texas, is in the books. Some coaches and players stood out as winners, while others didn't fare as well. 

    Bob Bowlsby, the Big 12 commissioner, put on a headlining press conference where he called for NCAA reform. However, Kansas head coach Charlie Weis criticized his team in polarizing words.

    Ultimately, though, media days signify that football season is just around the corner. 

    And with that, here are your winners and losers from Day 1 of the Big 12 media days.

    *All quotes obtained firsthand unless otherwise noted

Winner: Bob Bowlsby

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    Bowlsby delivered some poignant remarks on Monday with his call to NCAA reform. 

    One of the biggest things Bowlsby, a man who's only been the commissioner in the Big 12 for just over a year, said was that each individual sport should be governed by a federation. 

    It's probably unrealistic to think that we can manage football and field hockey by the same set of rules. I think some kind of reconfiguration of how we govern is in order.

    Bowlsby also stated that the conference was in a stable place following the turbulent period of realignment. 

    Overall, the Big 12 commish proved that after only being on the job for a short period of time, he is one of the most vocal and strongest leaders in college football. 

Loser: Charlie Weis

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    Kansas head coach Charlie Weis made headlines on Monday for publicly lambasting his team in front of a room full of writers. 

    When talking about his pitch to recruits, Weis said that players should have no concern about being able to get playing time. 

    "Have you looked at that pile of crap out there? Have you taken a look at that? So if you don't think you can play here, where do you think you can play? It's a pretty simple approach."

    Weis added that he was OK with his team being picked last in the Big 12 preseason poll. 

    "We're 1‑11 and picked by everybody to finish last in the league, and that's justifiable," Weis said. "If I were you, I'd pick us in the same spot. We've given you no evidence or no reason to be picked anywhere other than that."

    It's never good when a coach outs his players as being a terrible team. 

Winner: Bill Snyder

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    While Bill Snyder's press conferences never reveal much, they're still entertaining. 

    On Monday, the Kansas State coach found a way to work in the fact that he taught four units of high school Spanish, a language he said he knew nothing about. He also made a comment about being the assistant coach of four teams at the same time at a high school and making $6,000 a year. 

    When it came down to the issues surrounding a depleted defense or a heated quarterback race, though, Snyder simply reverted back to the "intrinsic values" that his team must develop. 

    He is a winner, and you'll never be able to accurately say otherwise.

Loser: Big 12's New Logo

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    Personally, I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other on this new logo that the Big 12 unveiled on Monday. 

    However, fans on social media were not as pleased with the rebranding. One user, @LancethePants91, tweeted out that the new logo "looked ridiculous." 

    David Ubben, the Big 12 blogger for ESPN, stated on his feed that the reactions to the new logo were mixed. 

    Regardless, it's never positive when a new logo doesn't receive rave reviews.

Winner: Kliff Kingsbury

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    It's never easy to be a new head coach. That's why it was so impressive to watch Kingsbury take the microphone for the first time at a media day as the Texas Tech head coach and seem so comfortable. 

    Sure, he didn't necessarily have the most exciting answers. But he's a young coach still learning, and maybe this is his interview style.

    Ultimately, Kingsbury handled himself well enough in front of the national media on Monday to earn everybody's respect.

Loser: Big 12 Mascots

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    All the mascots did at Big 12 media days was be a distraction. The sideshow isn't necessary while coaches and players are talking about the upcoming season. 

    The two most particularly annoying mascots on Monday were the Jayhawk and the Cyclone from Iowa State. The two were running around together like kids playing tag throughout the interview room, and even the halls outside. 

    No surprise that Iowa State and Kansas are ranked ninth and 10th, respectively, in the Big 12 preseason polls. 

    Exception: The West Virginia Mountaineer had cheerleaders following him around like he owned the place, and it seemed like he did. He received the most photo requests by far, and they even did interviews with him. And Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia weren't even present on Monday.