John Cena, Sheamus and the 10 Not-so-Funny 'Funny Guys' in WWE

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John Cena, Sheamus and the 10 Not-so-Funny 'Funny Guys' in WWE
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There isn't an episode of Monday Night Raw or SmackDown that goes by without WWE making viewers legitimately laugh out loud (LOL).

Somewhat awkwardly,  it's not usually when WWE writers and/or performers have scripted a joke that we find ourselves laughing.

Our chuckles tend to come out of WWE's overly goofy, downright cartoonish notion of what a comedic bit is.

Exhibit A: The serpentine sock on Santino's right arm.

Exhibit B: Most anything Hornswoggle has ever said or done, but especially the "hilarious" reveal that Hornswoggle was the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

While calling this supposedly comedic material lame would be an understatement, there's no doubt that it serves a purpose.

This is the PG era after all, and WWE's younger fanbase likes its humor good and obvious.

Don't get me wrong. The company has wicked witty talents on its payroll, many of whom I covered in my article CM Punk and the WWE's Top 10 Comedians.

But those legitimate comedic chops are very much the exception in modern-day WWE.

Need proof?

Check out my 10 not-so-funny "funny guys" in WWE!




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