Las Vegas Summer League 2013: What We've Learned Heading into Final

Molly Tow@molly1016towCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2013

Golden State's Kent Bazemore has impressed this summer.
Golden State's Kent Bazemore has impressed this summer.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With the Las Vegas Summer League championship game taking place on Monday night between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns, we've been able to see how some of these lesser-known guys fare in the forefront.

Here are a few trends that have played out among the finalists.


Golden State's Kent Bazemore Can Do More Than Just Cheer

Bazemore, a small forward who's taken over the point in the Summer League, is currently averaging a team-leading 18.5 points per game.

According to Ethan Sherwood Strauss of, the lanky second-year player who's famous for his spirit on the bench is currently honing his jump shot and defense.

In Golden State's last game against the Charlotte Bobcats, Bazemore scored 13 points, but his shining moment was in his team's thrilling victory against the Los Angeles Lakers (pictured above).

He needs prove that he's worthy of playing time, seeing as the Warriors are deep in terms of players with similar games.


Basketball Clearly Runs in the Morris Family

Kansas University alumni twins Markieff and Marcus Morris are showing that they could be the future of the Phoenix Suns.

In their last game that saw the Suns edge out the Miami Heat, the twins combined for 27 points. Markieff leads all Suns in points per game with 14.2 and Marcus is right behind him with 13.8.

While the two differ in their strengths—Markieff excels on the boards and Marcus is a facilitator—they are identical in their ability to be clutch (example below).


Josh Selby Did Not Meet Expectations

Another Jayhawk made an impact in the Las Vegas Summer league, but not in a good way.

Selby, who was named co-MVP of the Las Vegas Summer League along with Damian Lillard last year, hasn't brought the same game in 2013. To add another abysmal stat, the guard averaged 2.2 turnovers a game for a total of 11—tied for the most on the Lakers.

According to Tyler Lashbrook of Orlando Pinstriped Post, Selby is close to being deemed a failed prospect. He's only 22, so there's still time for redemption, but if you can only dominate in the D-League and were waived by the Cavs, your future seems pretty bleak.