Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Lets 2 Huge Fans Try On Super Bowl Ring

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 22, 2013

The Dallas Cowboys have barely opened training camp, and their owner is already delighting fans with kind and unforgettable gestures. 

Yahoo! Sports' Myles Simmons was at Sunday's training camp opening in Oxnard and caught a wonderful moment for two huge Cowboys fans. 

Here is a Vine video posted by Simmons that shows Jerry Jones walking through the crowd and letting two fans have a brief photo op with his Super Bowl ring. 

Unfortunately, the video only shows a glimpse of the two brothers, Robert and Michael Whitaker, who were granted time to snap photos with the ring, but you can still tell by their smiles what that gesture meant to them. 

Simmons has more on the brothers, who are apparently annual visitors to the camp, which opened this past weekend: 

"It felt like he recognized us, because we're here every year," Robert said. "He put his ring in front of my face, so I was all, 'Jerry you’re blinding me, Jerry you’re blinding me!' And he says, 'You wanna kiss the ring?' And I was all, 'Jerry I don’t know if I could do that much. Can I just rub it?' "

That’s when Jones took off the ring and said, “Take a picture.”

“It was crazy!” Robert said.

Jones could have continued on down the line, signing autographs and shaking hands. Instead, he took off a treasured piece of jewelry without so much as a thought.

If the owner was hoping to make the day of fans who might appreciate such a thing, he certainly picked out the perfect duo.

Simmons reported the two from San Jose are big Cowboys fans, and Robert's shoulder is adorned with a tattoo of a Cowboys helmet. 

It also seems like the entire day was a fortuitous one for a couple of guys just looking to catch a glimpse of a star or two and see their favorite team take the field. Per Simmons:

You’d think this would easily be No. 1 on a list of experiences for a Cowboys fan. But Robert left that up for debate.

“We actually are cool with Jerry Jones’ grandkids and they let us out on the field [afterward] to play ball,” Robert said. “We’ve met some of the players. [Wearing Jones’ ring] was up there, though. That was a top-three experience, for sure.”

“No, that was higher than top three,” Michael said. “You don’t get every day to wear a Super Bowl ring.”

The Whitaker brothers might never get to wear authentic Super Bowl rings of their own, but they now have a couple of pictures to commemorate the time they took Jones' ring for a spin. 

The rest of Cowboys Nation will tip their hats to a class act and to the hope the owner gets another ring to lend out to fans in the near future. 


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