Sports Fans Who Are Way Too Obsessed

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 22, 2013

Sports Fans Who Are Way Too Obsessed

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    If you're reading this, then there's a very good chance that you really love sports.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if you know every single D-1 college's mascot, every single starter for each NFL team or the past 10 scoring champs in the NBA, there's no real way to measure if you're a bigger fan than I am.

    That doesn't mean some don't try, though.

    I decided to honor those who will literally do anything to show support for their team, digging deep and showing that sports is more than just a game to them.

Jim and Ben Maciariello

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    I've been to Fenway Park in Boston a few times, and I can tell you that it's absolutely one of the greatest places to watch a sporting event.

    As great as it is to be there though, some fans just couldn't let the experience escape them, as they actually built a mini replica of the famed stadium in their backyard.

    Hitting a homer over the 32-foot Green Monster might be a tough feat for some, but these Red Sox fans can probably do it with a Wiffle ball bat—well, in their backyard anyway.

Tim Tebow Billboard

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    We all have certain athletes on whom we've developed a man-crush thanks to their greatness in a sport and charisma off the playing field, but man, I'm not sure I'd ever go this nuts to support a guy.

    One Tebow fan apparently felt differently, though, as they dropped $10,000 to tell Tebow's former team, the Broncos, exactly who should be starting.

    This is taking Tebow-mania to an entirely new level.

Athlete/Team Tattoos

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    I've got a couple of tats, so I know how important it is to decide on the perfect and most meaningful one, considering it'll be on your skin for eternity—or so I thought I did.

    It seems these fans don't have to think twice about what they get inked on their body when they find a team or player they really love.

    LeBron James, Stevie Johnson and numerous team logos are just some examples we've seen of this—just remember you know what the hell you're doing before you get it for good.

Athlete/Team Haircuts

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    I loved Michael Jordan growing up—a lot.

    But besides saving as much money as I could to cop some of his newest kicks or other 'Brand Jordan' gear, I wasn't about to go all-out and do something that made me look too over-the-top—besides just wearing UNC and Bulls shorts almost everyday in seventh grade.

    Twelve-year-old Patrick Gonzalez tends to disagree, as he took his love for his favorite player, Matt Bonner, and got the red-headed role player buzzed into the side of his head.

    Bold move, kid. Looks like I wasn't as obsessed with MJ as I thought...

Celebrity Fans

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    I'm not going to sit here and say that every single celebrity is an obsessive sports fan—in fact, many may just be the exact opposite—but I can't stand it when these entertainers offer their opinions on what moves teams or players should make.

    It was only natural for these two industries to cross over in the past 25 years or so, but come on, do they really think they can just do anything they want to?

    No, they shouldn't. Don't get me wrong—if you can afford to do it, why not get court-side seats? But don't act like you are part of the game, okay Spike?

    It might not be crazy obsessive, but for showing a lack of reality by these rich, famous people, it is a little insane.

The Person Who Made This Peyton Manning Corn Field

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    Plenty of people can make the argument that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will be regarded as a top-three field general by the time his career ends.

    With a number of records to his name, a Super Bowl ring and numerous individual awards on his shelf, it's easy to see why fans love him so much.

    One fan went a little overboard last year, though, when he found that his crops grew best with No. 18 watching over them.

    I'm impressed as hell, but wow!

Fans Who Cry After a Loss

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    No one is a fan of losing—after all, isn't the point of sport to win?

    But it unfortunately happens.

    For some, taking a loss is just part of the reality of being a sports fan, while others, well, they don't exactly handle it like a pro.

    For all those people out there who let a loss ruin their entire week, I definitely sympathize with you, but I'll remind you that it shouldn't drive you to this craziness.

Missy and Kris Girardot

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    It's not uncommon for people around the holidays to drive around different neighborhoods and enjoy some of the Christmas lights.

    For anyone who happened to pass by Missy and Kris Girardot's crib in Fort Wayne, Ind. this past year, though, you can bet they got quite the show.

    Turns out this family dropped $10,000 to decorate their house in honor of their beloved Hoosiers, meaning that rather than just drop the money on tickets to see the team play, they'd rather light up the sky like Victor Oladipo lit up college basketball last season.

Scott E. Entsminger

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    Most sports fans know that a relationship with a team is much like a relationship with another person.

    It has good and bad times. It takes patience, loyalty and, in some extreme cases, therapy.

    So when Browns fan Scott E. Entsminger requested six Browns players to be the pallbearers at his funeral, he really proved that, like a marriage, sports fans go by the motto, "till death do you part"—and in some cases, the love doesn't stop there.

David Cline

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    Being someone who lives in Nashville, I should have known about this guy each year, but alas, I had to rely on my editor to remind me about him.

    His name is David Cline, and he's just about the biggest Titans fan anyone has ever heard of.

    Sure, I have friends who drop coin on season tickets each year and wear their 'Code Blue' shirts around town, but Cline has made it a tradition to camp out the day Titans tickets go on sale—even though he's always the only one in line.

    That's commitment.

Social Media-niac Fans

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    It's every fan's right to do nearly whatever they can to support their team, but when it crosses the line, it gets to be downright psychotic.

    There was once a time when starting a blog about your favorite team or player was all in good fun.

    But with comment sections and message boards popular so popular these days, every single fan lets their voice be heard.

    Oh, and don't forget about the abundance of hate tweets that athletes get on the reg from fans each day.

    It's easy to challenge a pro athlete from behind a computer screen, isn't it tough guy?

Robert Griffin III Fan, Rico

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    Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III took over the NFL last year by becoming one of the most exciting players in the league.

    He separated himself with great plays, charisma and leadership to help guide the Skins to the playoffs.

    While most fans go out and buy a jersey to support RGIII, this fan named Rico took it a step further—with each step he takes—by getting his prosthetic leg covered with Griffin's mug.

    This is a pretty cool statement, so I'm hoping wherever this dude lives it's warm enough to show-off every single day by wearing shorts.

This Lakers Fan

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    Should I have expected anything less from a fan from the city known for its entertainment?

    This fan thought it was necessary to not only turn his car into the sixth man for his beloved Lakers, but also take a shot at the Thunder in the process.

    I find it weird that he goes after OKC, considering LA has bigger rivals like the Celtics, Spurs and hell, even the Clippers in their own city, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Jimmy Goldstein

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    One doesn't get the title of 'NBA's No. 1 Fan' without doing some crazy things.

    For Jimmy Goldstein, though, none of us should ever expect anything less than an A-plus effort to catch a basketball game.

    Though the legend of Goldstein remains mysterious at best, most NBA observers know who the guy is—especially since he always seems to be rocking some crazy outfit at each game he attends.

Sports Item Auctioners

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    I don't have millions of dollars, so I have no idea what I'd do if I had the kind of loot to just toss around on things I really wanted.

    I'd imagine a nice house, fast car and plenty of scantily clad women hanging around would be on the list of things I'd most certainly have.

    A Babe Ruth jersey, though? Not so much.

    But for people at, they found it completely necessary to drop $4.4 million on a Babe Ruth jersey that's rumored to be the earliest one worn by The Bambino.

    Dipping deep into one's bank account for a piece of history is one way to show you're a little more obsessed than the average fan—especially when it breaks a record for an auctioned item.