John Morrison On Smackdown

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMay 9, 2009

Hello everyone. Now many people who were in love with The Miz and John Morrison's tag team may have thought that them breaking up was a bad thing. Well those people would be wrong.

So far John Morrison has made a big impact on Smackdown. from beating The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin with the Moonlight Drive to almost beating Chris Jericho (We all know he would have won if Benjamin wouldn't have interfered.)

John Morrison is also in the middle of a face turn. John Morrison was pretty much neutral with a little heel when he was with The Miz but no he's full face. John Morrison will probably be a face for years after this because he is a great face.

My personal prediction for Morrison are that after getting Benjamin off his back he will start going after Jericho. Then once that feud runs dry he can feud with other people like Edge or maybe even CM Punk.

Also I'm thinking a cross brand feud will happen with The Miz and John Morrison. The two have been bagging on each other since the breakup on The Dirt Sheet, and it could lead to feud. Hell I thought a feud would happen as soon as I saw The Miz Reality Check Morrison.

Those are my peronal thoughts on the manner. If you agree or not you can say what you think in the comments.