Reporter's Awkward Interview with Steve Nash Interrupted by Drunk Bachelor

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 22, 2013

Warning: Video contains some NSFW language.

Why was Steve Nash at the Vancouver Whitecaps game on Saturday?

For kicks and giggles—and, of course, that whole part where he owns the team.

The Lakers guard was in attendance at a match between the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Whitecaps on Saturday, and he agreed to do an interview with Time Warner SportsNet reporter Kelli Tennant, who hadn’t exactly read up on Nash’s holdings.

Tully Corcoran of Fox Sports spotted the situation, which can only be described as a “complete and utter failure to launch.”

Things were rough from the very first question, with Tennant asking her “special guest” what “brought him out” to the game.

One of the four owners of the Whitecaps, Nash responded that he owned the team and was here to entertain his buddies who were having a bachelor party.

As if summoned by magic, Nash’s bachelor friend wandered into the shot and approached Tennant, effectively stranding her in the on-air equivalent of no man’s land.

The network wisely decided to cut bait and return video feed to the game. Unfortunately for them, Tennant’s microphone was still on and caught Nash’s friend muttering “****ing referees” before they could pull the plug.

In summary, the interview was a Chris Bosh photobomb away from winning the awkward interview Triple Crown—going from bad questions to bachelor bro-down in 30 seconds. The only information television viewers garnered throughout the process was confirmation of Nash’s continued ownership of a soccer team and the knowledge that his buddy was having a killer bachelor party.

In other words, we learned everything we needed to know.


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