Philip Rivers: Third Best Quarterback in the NFL?

Brian HarrisContributor IApril 10, 2008

I know some of you will scoff when you see this, but come on—the man led his team to the AFC championship game while showing heart, determination, and alot of skilll.

The obvious choice for the top two Qbs in the league are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning but is there really a better choice than Phillip Rivers as the the third best  in the league?

I dont think you can make a case for Tony Romo after he choked in the divisonal round of the playoffs.

Carson Palmer?—Hes only had one winning season since he took over the reigns in 2005. Matt Hasselback?—Maybe, but his team had a melt down in the second of the playoffs too.

As for Phillip Rivers resume, he's gone 25-7 in his first two years as a starter and last year he was one or two plays away from a trip to the Super Bowl. Sure you could make the case that an average QB would look just as good on a uber talented team like the Chargers, but isn't that what they said about Troy Aikman?  All he did was win three Super Bowls for Dallas in the 90's.

In my opinion, the Chargers will get to the Super Bowl this season and Rivers will be a big part of it.