MMA is the New Boxing, but is it More Dangerous?

Joel MaliskasCorrespondent IApril 10, 2008

OK, so the argument about MMA replacing good old-fashioned has probably been ran into the ground, but which is really more dangerous?

Boxing is thought to have started about 1,500 years ago with the ancient Greeks.

We don't know how many deaths were caused back in those days, but in modern times boxing has proved to be much less fatal than many sports.

The list includes: horse racing, scuba diving, and even college football. Boxing does, though, cause quite a bit of brain damage. 

All right, so boxing has endured criticism about the violence and danger for many years, now we will compare it to our new love affair, MMA.

MMA has caused only one death in its history. Now, MMA is only officially 15 years old. Hardly long enough to get a true grasp on the risks.

In addition, does MMA have the classic and classy touch that boxing started with?

I have an image in my mind of the gentlemen duking it out in a friendly sparring session. I understand that there is good sportsmanship in UFC as well, but how classy is it overall?

So far, boxing seems to be more dangerous, but it's only a matter of time before MMA takes a bad turn.

Also, how long can MMA last anyway?

We will have to give it a few more years and see if it doesn’t fade away on its own.