Barcelona Transfer Rumors: Letting Cesc Fabregas Go Would Be Mistake for Barca

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJuly 22, 2013

Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona would be foolish to part ways.
Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona would be foolish to part ways.David Ramos/Getty Images

Manchester United's new manager, David Moyes, is trying to make a huge play to garner some respect from the ruthless Red Devils community. His latest target is Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas. If Barcelona wants to remain as an elite squad, it needs to keep as many elite players as possible. 

Fabregas is one of those players. 

Fabregas is the nucleus of the Barcelona squad. The only player to start more La Liga games for Barca last year was the goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Fabregas is also in the top five for minutes played for the squad. He wasn't just out there either. He was out there producing. 

Fabregas was only outscored by Lionel Messi, and he had the third-most assists on the team for his beloved Barca. Cesc is simply one of the best midfielders in the world, and Barcelona would be foolish to let him slip away, especially to Manchester United. 

Thankfully, for Barca fans at least, before Tito Vilanova stepped down as the club's manager, he talked to Fabregas, and he's not interested in Man U's big money. According to Adam Crafton of the Daily MailVilanova said the following on the situation:

Cesc has received offers from other clubs. I talked with him and he told me he wants to stay. His dream is to triumph here. We're very happy to have Cesc. I'm conscious that he has received offers, but he spoke to me, says he's happy, no chance of leaving.

Meanwhile Manchester United isn't going to take no for an answer after having its £26 million bid shot down by Barca. According to Mark Ogden of The Telegraph, Man U isn't done. It is rumored to have upped its bid to £30 million with add-ons to bring Fabregas to the Red Devils. 

While details have yet to come out on whether or not Barca will let their exceptional midfielder go, I think it's safe to say that it'd be a pretty silly thing to do. Fabregas has been too strong for his squad, and even if Barca does go for the deal, Arsenal still gets the chance to shoot down the offer and keep him. 

Fabregas is far too good of a player to be let go, even if it is for mad money. Fabregas is one of those players you build a team around. You don't stay on top if you get rid of your nucleus, and Fabregas is just that for this Barcelona squad. He's one of its best playmakers and, hey, the stats don't lie. The dude produces.