Why Does WWE Keep Getting It Wrong with Vickie Guerrero?

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJuly 22, 2013

(WWE.com photo)
(WWE.com photo)

What is it going to take for WWE to finally see that Vickie Guerrero belongs at ringside more than she belongs backstage?

A couple of weeks ago, she was fired as Raw’s storyline managing supervisor, supposedly clearing the way for a return to what she does best—managing wrestlers. There even was a tease that Ryback was going to be her first client.

But no. WWE turns around and puts Guerrero back in an authority position, this time as general manager of SmackDown.

Not a great move, WWE. Guerrero serves the company best as a ring manager.

Obviously this is all done to advance some kind of future storyline.

Perhaps WWE is planning to have another Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown at this year’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. It’s going to be fun to watch two weak authority figures—remember Brad Maddox “runs” Raw now—bumbling and fumbling their way through creating teams, isn’t it?

I don't think so.

Perhaps Guerrero is going to "advance" her position as a pawn in the ongoing McMahon family power struggle, right?

I hope not. They already have tainted their top show with that storyline, so why poison the “B” show, too.

In my opinion, Vickie Guerrero does her best work for WWE when she is leading stars down the ramp.

In terms of non-wrestling talent, Guerrero runs a close second to Paul Heyman in generating major crowd heat. Whereas Heyman can appear at the top of the ramp and create a firestorm of boos and catcalls, it is Guerrero’s shrieking voice and her “Excuse me!” signature line that sends any arena into a jeering frenzy.

Much like Heyman, the fact that she is associated with a particular wrestler practically guarantees that the wrestler gets over as a heel (with the exception of Jack Swagger, but his character is almost beyond help).

WWE is doing Vickie Guerrero and the fans a major disservice by continually putting her into fish-out-of-water scenarios. In that capacity, she almost has become as big a comic relief as, say, The Great Khali dancing.

Vickie Guerrero needs to be back at ringside. How much clearer can we get?

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