Tour De France 2013 Results: Chris Froome's Epic Victory Among Best Ever

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIJuly 21, 2013

Chris Froome (center) takes first place in an amazing run of the Tour de France.
Chris Froome (center) takes first place in an amazing run of the Tour de France.Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

The 2013 Tour de France came to an official end on Sunday, but it's been over for a while. Chris Froome, the Kenyan-born British professional, took home the overall individual victory in dominant fashion just one year after coming in second place. 

This year, second was simply not good enough.

Froome rode the 3,404 kilometers in an astounding time of 83:56:40.

He wore the yellow jersey all the way since Stage 8 of the race and wouldn't take it off from there. He was absolutely incredible throughout the 21-stage endurance race and was able to finish four minutes and 20 seconds ahead of the second-place rider, Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas. 

Froome's incredible victory wasn't the only impressive part of this race.

The 28-year-old showed off his hill-riding prowess in the eighth stage by winning the length by almost one minute. He would go on to impress the world in Stage 12 as he finished second in the time trial and pretty much ended the race in Stage 15 as he passed Quintana and Alberto Contador in epic fashion up the mountain. 

The incredible overall performance was one of the fastest runnings of the Tour de France in the race's history and marks the second victory in a row by a British competitor.

Froome did everything that you come to expect from a truly great athlete. He did well on the stages he was supposed to, the climbing sections, and he showed up during the flat speed rounds. He just ran an all-around stellar race. 

Froome's victory will go down in history as one of the best cycling performances ever witnessed, and when better to have it than on the 100th running of the Tour de France?

This year's race had its ups and downs, its surprises and disappointments and everything in between. While the field fluctuated, one thing stayed constant; that one thing was Froome.

He took over early in the race and never backed off, and thus, he cemented his name in history as one of the greatest to ever ride a bike. 

Here are the top 20 overall racers from

1  GBRChristopher FROOME83:56:4000:00:00---SKY00128
2  COLNairo Alexander QUINTANA ROJAS84:01:0000:04:20---MOV12823
3  ESPJoaquin RODRIGUEZ OLIVER84:01:4400:05:04---KAT10134
4  ESPAlberto CONTADOR84:03:0700:06:27---TST09130
5  CZERoman KREUZIGER84:04:0700:07:27---TST09427
6  NEDBauke MOLLEMA84:08:2200:11:42---BEL16426
7  DENJakob FUGLSANG84:08:5700:12:17---AST06328
8  ESPAlejandro VALVERDE84:12:0600:15:26---MOV12133
9  ESPDaniel NAVARRO84:12:3200:15:52---COF13930
10  USAAndrew TALANSKY84:14:1900:17:39---GRS17824
11  POLMichal KWIATKOWSKI84:15:3900:18:59---OPQ15323
12  ESPMikel NIEVE ITURRALDE84:16:4100:20:01---EUS11629
13  NEDLaurens TEN DAM84:18:1900:21:39---BEL16732
14  BELMaxime MONFORT84:20:1800:23:38---RLT04730
15  FRARomain BARDET84:23:2200:26:42---ALM08222
16  AUSMichael ROGERS84:23:3100:26:51---TST09833
17  ESPDaniel MORENO FERNANDEZ84:29:1400:32:34---KAT10631
18  BELJan BAKELANTS84:32:3100:35:51---RLT04227
19  AUSRichie PORTE84:36:2100:39:41---SKY00628
20  LUXAndy SCHLECK84:38:2600:41:46---RLT04128

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