Brad Maddox, Vickie Guerrero and the 4 Questions to Be Answered on Raw

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 22, 2013

To say I did not see this coming on SmackDown Friday night was an understatement: Vince McMahon proved he truly does have all of the stroke (to steal a phrase from Jeff Jarrett) when he named Vickie Guerrero as the "permanent" general manager of the blue brand.

With the move, the gasoline saturated the battle between both Guerrero and Brad Maddox, but it might have continued the turf war between Triple H and McMahon (with Stephanie McMahon in the middle to choose between her daddy and her husband).

What's a little summer fun without a feud between wrestling's First Family?

When the McMahon family started their battle with Vinnie Mac and the COO of the WWE, it looked like both daddy and son-in-law would be fixtures on Monday night television.

After a few weeks and some teasing (and a Vickie Guerrero firing) things died down some.

But Vince proved his power and may have rekindled the fire a bit by bring Guerrero (and her mouth) back to SmackDown to presumably get even with Triple H and Brad Maddox.

Could there be more heat from the McMahon family in the coming weeks? Do Maddox and Guerrero (who slapped the Eric Bischoff lookalike in the face) have a future in the ring against each other? Something tells me Survivor Series could become very interesting in the coming months.

With Guerrero’s hiring and subsequent changes on SmackDown and in the WWE “hierarchy,” what now happens with the Maddox/Guerrero feud and Booker T?

Here are some questions that need to be answered on Raw for Monday night.


Could Paul Heyman find a third member to replace CM Punk?

Who is the next, “Paul Heyman guy?” I love the speculation of potential suitors. Ryback? Wade Barrett or Damien Sandow? No, no and no. All three are great “possible contenders,” but I will throw a name at you. Matt Morgan could be a name to think of if he signs with the WWE. Morgan has ties to the WWE and Heyman from his time with the company from 2002 to 2005.


Should Booker T become a manager?

I think if The Prime Time Players became a face tag team and got someone like Booker T in their corner, it could mean tag team gold. No one knows tag team wrestling like Booker T, who was a part of Harlem Heat with his brother Stevie Ray in WCW, along with Sherri Martel.

I liked the idea originally of Vickie Guerrero being the voice between the loud-mouthed team. But this makes more sense to me.


How will the WWE build the SummerSlam match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan?

Very carefully. This is a match that will show how brilliant Daniel Bryan is and how poor John Cena can be in the ring with a wrestler half his size. It’s like Cena in his match with Rey Mysterio for the WWE title. Although Cena won the match, he looked poor. Bryan is much more accomplished than Mysterio, so the outcome could be a lot worse and Cena could still retain the title.


How soon will it be before The Shield shows a crack in its armor?

I am a believer in the idea nothing stays the same in professional wrestling. At some point, greed will cause The Shield to crack. And it is only a matter of time before we see Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns lose the tag team titles, only to see Rollins and current United States Champion Dean Ambrose possibly challenge each other.

If that happens, look for it to start to unravel and cause a match between the two at TLC in December.