ESPN Body Issue 2013: Strangest Pictures from Recent Edition

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJuly 21, 2013

Credit: ESPN The Magazine Via USA Today
Credit: ESPN The Magazine Via USA Today

ESPN: The Magazine started rolling out "The Body Issue" in 2009, featuring a ton of athletes from different sports in nude photo shoots, most with clever cover-ups of the athlete's inappropriate parts. Since its first run in 2009, it's become one of the biggest issues of the year and is a major target for advertising. 

While each "Body Issue" has features ranging from gross injuries to photos both on and off the field, including the most known "Bodies We Want" section, there are always a few pictures that raise eyebrows and just seem a little...strange. 

ESPN's 2013 edition was no different. 


Gary Player, Golf

First off, Gary Player is 77. That's obviously an impressive physique for a man of that age, but it doesn't make it any less weird to see a picture of an old guy holding a giant golf ball above his head like he's Atlas (the resemblance is uncanny right?).

It's no surprise that Player made the body issue. One of his nicknames is Mr. Fitness! How could you keep him out of the Body Issue? Player has designed a ton of golf courses, played a ton of golf and has traveled the world. Some even say he's the most traveled athlete on the planet. 

He's also a philanthropist and is involved in a ton of charitable organizations. 

That doesn't make it any less weird to see an old man holding a giant golf ball above his head like he's Atlas. 


Matt Harvey, New York Mets

Matt Harvey is a great pitcher, but he didn't pull off the best photo shoot for the 2013 "Body Issue." Harvey (seen above) was somehow coerced into posing outside of a hotel room with just a room-service tray covering his nether regions. 

To make it even stranger, he's standing like he's either going to sprint away or he's Bigfoot. Also, who doesn't eat their french fries? I mean come on, you ordered room service, you may as well eat them. 

The lamp on the left side of the picture is askew, and that's weird too. 

Either way. Strange picture. 


Vernon Davis, San Francisco Giants

Vernon Davis is the subject of another weird picture in this year's "Body Issue." The photo under discussion can be seen at the end of the above video, and it's strange. 

Vernon Davis is pictured against an all-white background holding three footballs in front of his Rated-R area. The footballs aren't necessarily the strange partthe weird thing is the look on Vernon's face. He looks devious/mischievous and seems like he's in on some inside joke that no one else gets. 

Or maybe he's just this guy

Who can say for sure? 


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