Former WWE Diva Gearing Up for Return?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 21, 2013

Varon as Victoria in WWE (photo from
Varon as Victoria in WWE (photo from

Is one former Diva gearing up for a return to WWE?

Veteran women's wrestler Lisa Marie Varon was surprisingly released from TNA last week. The release of Varon, who went by the name "Tara" for her stint with America's No. 2 wrestling promotion, was attributed to budget issues, per PWI via WrestlingInc.

Varon more famously worked for WWE between 2000 and 2009. As the rage-prone, emotionally unstable "Victoria," Varon become one of the most well-known Divas on the roster. It helped that she was a great wrestler too: The Victoria/Trish Stratus feud in 2002 and 2003 churned out some of the company's best women's matches ever.

Now that Varon is a free agent, is a WWE return on the table?

Well, interestingly, the former WWE Women's champion has been hinting frequently on her Twitter account over the past week that she is in the gym training for some sort of comeback. This has, unsurprisingly, led to speculation from sites like Diva-Dirt that she's gearing up for WWE return.


When discussing Varon's TNA release, I observed that the wrestler may now be too old (she's 42) for the youth-obsessed WWE to be interested in her again. Most of the current Divas are in their 20s or are just turning 30 with only Tamina Snuka (35) and Layla El (36) being the exceptions.

However, it's possible the division is in such a dire state that WWE will overlook this and sign her to a new deal. Maybe even as a trainer for its new developmental facility in Orlando.