Manchester United Transfer Rumors: Big Money Bid for Cesc Fabregas a Great Move

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJuly 21, 2013

There's a ton standing between Man U and a deal with Cesc Fabregas, but crazier things have happened.
There's a ton standing between Man U and a deal with Cesc Fabregas, but crazier things have happened.David Ramos/Getty Images

Manchester United and Manager David Moyes are doing their darnedest to get Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas in a Red Devil uniform. According to Matt Law of The Mirror, Manchester United isn't done pursuing Fabregas after having their hopes dashed last week. 

The new deal from the Red Devils reportedly has been upped to £30 million and now includes add-ons. The addition of Fabregas, though it would come with a hefty fee, would be totally worth it for Man Utd. 

The Red Devils need to sure up their midfield, and after losing out on Thiago Alcantra, this would come as a huge boost to Manchester and Moyes. Moyes needs to prove to the United faithful that he has what it takes to get big deals done and is willing to put it all on the line to pursue great players. 

Fabregas is just that; a great player. He is an incredible passer and has the ability to control the flow and speed of the offense with his feet. He would be a more than welcome addition to any team, especially Manchester United, a team that is in major need of a big name, playmaking midfielder. 

As Man Utd waits for word back from Barcelona, one thing must be kept in mind; there are a lot of hoops for this deal to jump through. Even if Barcelona agrees to the monstrous bid from the Red Devils, Arsenal still has the right to refuse the deal and buy him back. Arsenal, knowing that they could buy Fabregas back for around £25 million, would be silly to let him go to Manchester United. 

Another big part of this potential deal could be Wayne Rooney's role.

It's rumoured that the only way Rooney will be allowed to go by Man Utd is if they can get Fabregas and other potential target Gareth Bale on board. 

Unfortunately for David Moyes, silly is something he has to pursue. He hasn't been able to get a big deal done and giving up on the Fabregas deal would make him appear even more weak to the United faithful. The worst case scenario for United is that they don't get Fabregas, save a ton of money and have to pursue someone else. Why not take a shot? 

On the positive side, Moyes was able to get his first win with Man Utd over an Australian select team in Sydney. Moyes and his squad will head to Japan for a few more matches, but the focus won't be on their games, it'll be one whether or not they can get the improbable deal for Fabregas done.