The 10 Highest Paid Managers in Football

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IApril 10, 2008

Enough talking about players, now it is coach time.

How much the man on the bench makes?

Well almost as much as the players!

Surprisingly at the top of the list was former Chelsea coach (and future Barelona’s?) would be rank second if he was a player, with his 29 million Euro a year.

Best of all José doesn’t even need to go to work this year!

Out of the 10 coaches six of them are or were coaching an EPL club, and one of them is the England manager.

Tottenham has two coaches in the rank as they changed coach during the year, spending 13.1million Euros for both.

There is one coach from the Spanish La Liga, one from the Italian Serie A and one from Turkish giant Besiktas.

Here is the list in million Euros per year:

  1. José Mourinho, ex-Chelsea, 29M
  2. Fabio Capello, English national team, 14,2M
  3. Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United, 7.4M
  4. Juande Ramos, Tottenham, 7.3M
  5. Sven-Goran Eriksson, Manchester City, 7.1M
  6. Arsène Wenger, Arsenal, 6.4M
  7. Martin Jol, ex-Tottenham, 5.8M
  8. Vicente Del Bosque, ex-Besiktas, 5.2M
  9. Roberto Mancini, Inter Milan, 5M
  10. Frank Rijkaard, FC Barcelona, 4.8M