Greatest Comeback Poem

Mike BurnsContributor IMay 9, 2009

3 Jan 1993: Quarterback Frank Reich of the Buffalo Bills (left) celebrates with teammate kicker Steve Christie after a playoff game against the Houston Oilers at Rich Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. The Bills won the game in overtime, 41-38.

Down by 32 points in the third quarter
Two starters out and then three
Hopes fading fast
Can our storybook run last
Davis from the one
the few of us left said let them have some fun
Onside kick recovered by us
Shrug our shoulders and wonder whats all the fuss
Still behind by twenty five
Super Bowl hopes barely alive
Fifty six seconds go bye
Reich to Beebe through the sky
Eighteen points from something that has never been done
Maybe, just maybe we can continue our Super Bowl run
Three minutes, 15 seconds later Reich to Reed
Eleven more points are all we need
Two minutes Forty One seconds pass, again Reed for Reich
Four points behind and the momentum we like
Fourth Quarter drags by each time we go for more
Three minutes Eight seconds left and Reich and Reed find another way to score
Up by three and ready to show Houston the door
A Oiler field goal ties the game up
They win the coin toss we moan "son of a pup"
Moon overthrows Jefferies and Nate makes the snare
Bills ball at the 35 and Jefferies too mad to care
Face-mask, yellow flag on the ground
The stadium begins to pound
Davis runs twice
All Christie has to do is make the kick, wouldn't that be nice
The snap, the set
Bills fans know its not over yet
The kick and the ball moves in slow motion
Suddenly the stadium erupts with emotion
Bills win loudly they cheer
Thank you Buffalo Bills team of Jan. 3, 1993, for giving me a memory that is so dear