Ryback's Self-Destruction and the Wrestlers Who Could Help His WWE Career

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 20, 2013


After the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Ryback should have given opponent Chris Jericho a huge hug after helping him get over again as a beast in the WWE.

For the first time in months, Ryback beat someone at a pay-per-view and did not have to wrestle two jobbers to do it. That may not seem like a huge deal in light of the fact things around the WWE have been changing on a consistent basis lately, but for someone who was supposed to be the next big thing in this company and challenge for and win the WWE title, a win against anyoneespecially someone like Jerichois a big win for the fledgling wrestler.

I do not need to tell you about Ryback's rise to superstardom and sudden fall. Too much was expected from the 291-pound big man too soon. After clashes with CM Punk, Mark Henry and John Cena, it was time for Ryback to get back in the winner's column.

The win may have helped, but one win alone will not "win" any real favor in the WWE. Consistency is a key part of Ryback's game that has been missing for some time. Where the beast used to look immortal, he now looks beatable on so many levels, and wrestlers like Jericho and Cena proved they could punish the Goldberg/Batista hybrid.

Now that it appears Jericho has left the WWE for a tour with his band, Fozzy, who will step up and challenge the big man in the ring? Here are a few names to consider.



The Great White needs something more than being a comic and midcard exception in the WWE. He is a former WWE and world champion and has been in recent battles with The Shield and Damien Sandow. Sheamus' size and strength would make this a true brawl.


Wade Barrett

Is there another WWE superstar besides Cody Rhodes whose career has been mismanaged like Wade Barrett's? A face turn and a possible tag team combination with either Sheamus or Christian would benefit Barrett very much. But a feud with Ryback would be like Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen all over again.


Randy Orton

While he is the Money in the Bank winner and will cash in the contract for the WWE title at some point, what does the WWE do with him in the meantime? Both are strong, aggressive wrestlers, and there may not be another wrestler in the WWE who is capable of helping Ryback get over more than Randy Orton.


Matt Morgan

If the rumors from PWInsider (h/t Rajah.com) are true that the WWE is interested in re-signing the 7-footer, wouldn't it be interesting to see if Matt Morgan can again prove himself in the company by taking on such a beast? One of the reasons Morgan was not a huge success in TNA is creative writers did not know what to do with him.

Hopefully, the WWE does.


Big Show

Other than being a great commentator on pay-per-view pre-match shows, what is Big Show doing? Maybe getting in the ring with Ryback is just what Big Show needs to revive his career.