Jeff Hardy: Top 10 Most Extreme, Show Stealing WWE Moments

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Jeff Hardy: Top 10 Most Extreme, Show Stealing WWE Moments

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    Without question, Jeff Hardy was one of the most popular superstars in WWE history. Many fans could relate to his look, attitude and take on life and that made him an instant favorite. Hardy is and always has been a risk-taker and has given the WWE Universe countless memories.

    There have been an incredible amount of extreme, death-defying moments throughout Hardy's WWE career and this article will be a reminder of how great of a performer the Charismatic Enigma truly was.

    Jeff Hardy's WWE career lasted from 1998-2009 and it wasn't that difficult to compile a list of his most extreme moments. However, it was stressful trying to rank them. Everybody enjoys something different, so if you don't agree with a statement presented in the slideshow please feel free to express your opinion.

    Shock factor, the amount of danger and crowd reaction are the three ingredients that helped me determine the rankings. 

    Sit back, relax, turn up the volume and enjoy the top 10 most extreme, show-stealing Jeff Hardy moments.

Honorable Mention 1: Sliding Clothesline

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    While this may not be one of Hardy's most extreme moments, it's still something fun that should be included in an article like this.

    As an innovator and risk-taker, Hardy pulled off some interesting moves during his Falls Count Anywhere match against Umaga at One Night Stand 2008. As Hardy and Umaga were fighting throughout the arena, they came to a set of stairs. Like a lot of kids did when they were younger, Hardy slid down the rail that was placed in the middle of the stairs and nailed Umaga with an impressive clothesline.

    The clothesline wasn't that impactful nor did it give Hardy the win, but it was still something that WWE fans had never seen before. It also got a pretty good reaction from the crowd as well.

    Go to the next slide to see the ridiculous way Hardy defeated Umaga.


Honorable Mention 2: Swanton Bomb off Truck onto Umaga

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    Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga at One Night Stand 2008 is a really fun match to watch and the ending is particularly memorable.

    However, the reason why I have this placed as an honorable mention is because it is obviously fake. Of course, there are a lot of "smoke and mirror" situations that take place in the WWE, but there is no chance in hell that Jeff Hardy did a Swanton Bomb off the top of an 18-wheeler onto the concrete.

    Unlike Hardy's infamous Swanton Bomb on Randy Orton, this was outside; there were a lot of things in the way and fans were not able to get a good look at what actually happened.

10. WrestleMania 2000: Swanton Bomb off Ladder onto Bubba Ray

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    The reason why Jeff Hardy has always been a fan favorite in WWE is because of his reckless style and his ability to steal the show. In the past, we've seen Hardy have a chance to grab a championship belt on top of a ladder, but instead, he delivers some kind of crazy move that usually never pays off in the long run.

    In this case, Hardy was participating in a Tag Team Triangle Ladder match at WrestleMania 2000. Even though he was nowhere near the WWE Tag Team Titles, Hardy won the hearts of the audience by performing an epic Swanton Bomb off of a Ladder onto Bubba Ray (AKA Bully Ray).

    We've seen a lot of Swanton Bombs off ladders in the past, and even though this was an impressive move, it definitely wasn't his best. Regardless, this one was early on in Hardy's career and it took place outside of the ring, which is very dangerous. Therefore, it comes in at number ten.


9. SummerSlam 2000: Missed Swanton Bomb off Ladder onto Table

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    This video is very similar to the one in Slide 10, however this time, Bubba Ray learned from his past mistake and moved out of the way just in time.

    Basically, Hardy performing a Swanton Bomb off a ladder, missing and going through two tables must be absolute hell. At least when Hardy hit the Swanton on Bully Ray at WrestleMania 2000, he was there to support Hardy's back and neck as he landed on top of him.

    Obviously at SummerSlam 2000, Bubba was not there to cushion the blow and the video demonstrates how dangerous and painful this move must have been.


8. SmackDown: Leg Drop off Ladder onto Bully Ray

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    No doubt, Hardy is a daredevil and every time he came to the ring the WWE Universe knew that they were going to see something special and be entertained. Hardy may have not been the greatest overall wrestler during his WWE tenure, but he was a fantastic, one-of-a-kind entertainer and there is no disputing that.

    Hardy made a splash by reinventing a simple move: the Leg Drop. He would do the unthinkable and performed Leap Frog Leg Drop’s over a ladder onto his opponents. He's done this move numerous times throughout his career, but this was one was different.

    This time, Bubba Ray was lying on top of the announce table as Hardy set up two ladders outside of the ring. He then climbed the smaller ladder and jumped over the other one, eventually hitting Bully Ray with one of the most impactful Leg Drop's I've ever seen.

    It seems like Bubba Ray was pretty much Hardy's crash dummy throughout the Attitude Era, huh?

7. Survivor Series 2001: Missed Swanton Bomb off Cage

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    During a Tag Team Steel Cage match at Survivor Series 2001, Hardy had a golden opportunity to escape and be the one to unify the WWE and WCW Tag Team championship belts along with his brother Matt. Instead, Hardy took a risk that severely backfired.

    This may be one of my favorite Jeff Hardy moments because it shows his true personality and character. He had the match won, but instead, went for a Swanton Bomb off the top of the cage onto Devon Dudley, who was lying on a table. Devon moved at the last second and Hardy crashed and burned. Like a semi-truck hitting a Prius kind of crash and burn.

    Just look how crazy the crowd is going when Hardy is standing on top of the ladder. The fans didn't want to see him climb down; they wanted to be shocked and amazed; they wanted Hardy to steal the show. And he did.

    Jim Ross' phenomenal call and a Stacy Kiebler sighting helped me rank this extreme moment at No. 7.

6. WrestleMania 23: Leg Drop off Ladder onto Edge

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    Jeff Hardy and ladder matches go together like lamb and tuna fish. It's the perfect combination and a mixture that has been proven to be worthy of our entertainment.

    Once again, Hardy had a chance to win something very important, in this case the Money in the Bank briefcase, but decided to give the fans a once in a lifetime moment instead.

    As Edge was lying down on a ladder placed between the ring apron and the guard rail, Hardy climbed his own ladder inside of the ring. As Hardy did his classic "extreme" pose, he jumped off and did a Leg Drop onto Edge, snapping the ladder he was laying on in half.

    Hardy would always do whatever it took to steal the show, even if that meant putting his body on the line. This ranking maybe should have been a bit higher (1 through 5), but the fact that he lands on Edge made this moment seem more about Edge rather than Hardy. Nonetheless, it was still extreme.


5. WrestleMania 25: Head-in-Chair Twist of Fate Recipient

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    The WrestleMania 25 Extreme Rules match between Matt and Jeff Hardy was memorable for a number of reasons. These two obviously had phenomenal chemistry with one another and they executed a lot of innovative, high-impact moves throughout the bout.

    However, nothing was memorable than the finish to the match, where Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Jeff. The "Twisto" was exceptionally devastating considering a chair was placed around Hardy's neck.

    I know it's mostly smoke and mirrors, guys, but this maneuver looks more vicious and gruesome every time I watch it. 

4. Raw 1/7/2008: Whisper in the Wind off Cage onto Umaga

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    Jeff Hardy and Umaga had an entertaining feud throughout 2007-2008 and at the time, Hardy finally became a main event superstar and was taking on Randy Orton for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble.

    On the first Raw of 2008, Hardy and Umaga found themselves in a cage match. Umaga had dominated the match early on, but Hardy fought back and eventually hit a Twist of Fate on the Samoan Bulldozer.

    As Hardy was trying to climb out of the cage, Orton was on the outside ready to give him a beating if he tried to escape. Considering the fact that there was no exit, Hardy took a leap of faith and hit Umaga with an amazing Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage.

    This extreme moment is ranked high on the list because of a few reasons; such as the story that was told in the match, the absolute perfection (timing, distance) that needed to go into the Whisper in the Wind, Jim Ross' call, Randy Orton's reaction to the crazy move and the crowd's admiration for the Charismatic Enigma.

3. SummerSlam 2009: Swanton Bomb off Ladder onto CM Punk

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    Wrestling Observer Newsletter's 2009 Feud of the Year award went to Jeff Hardy and CM Punk for pushing one another towards the edge of insanity and for putting on a series of unforgettable matches.

    For real, these guys hated each other both in and out of the ring, but considering that they are talented professionals, they were able to use that fire and still respect one another when they were competing.

    During a masterful and brilliant TLC match between the two for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam 2009, Hardy took the ultimate risk as he executed a massive Swanton Bomb off of a humongous ladder onto Punk who was lying on the announce table.

    The move was bittersweet because Hardy connected with it, but was clearly shaken up afterwards. Perhaps Hardy's neck jolted back too far or maybe he was just selling the move flawlessly.

    In the end, this will go down as an extreme Hardy moment and one of his greatest WWE matches of all time.

2. WrestleMania 17: The Infamous Spear

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    While most of you have probably seen the video above at least a hundred times, it never gets old.

    Out of all the extreme, show-stealing Jeff Hardy moments in the WWE, this one was the most difficult to rank. The infamous Spear took place at WrestleMania and is featured in virtually every "WWE OMG Moments" YouTube compilation.

    WrestleMania 17 is arguably one of the greatest PPV events of all time and the TLC match between the Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian deserve a lot of credit.

    Hardy receiving a Spear 20-plus feet in the air must have been a ride to hell and back. The crowd reaction was out of this world and the maneuver stood out in a match that was filled with unbelievable spots.


1. Raw 1/14/2008: Swanton Bomb off Set onto Randy Orton

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    Jeff Hardy's 30-foot Swanton Bomb off the Raw set onto Randy Orton has to be the most extreme, dangerous and unpredictable moments of all time.

    Both superstars were on the (entrance) stage and Hardy reversed a punt/kick that sent Orton flying to the ground on the outside. Orton was on the ground (or some sort of protective, padded mat) and Hardy began to climb the Raw set.

    The crowd was going wild and were anticipating Hardy to jump off and land on Orton. Just as Hardy was about to jump, he looked up, then looked at the crowd and climbed another 5 to 10 feet.

    Hardy performed one of the highest and most memorable Swanton Bombs ever. Obviously, there was some sort of padding or something secretive to cushion both Orton and Hardy's impact, but the events took place inside of an arena (unlike Umaga at One Night Stand 2008) where a good portion of the crowd could witness the action.

    Regardless of if it was fake, it looked pretty damn real and it was a risk that not a lot of WWE superstars would have taken.

    As of today, Jeff Hardy is a main event superstar in TNA Impact Wrestling. He has given his heart and body to WWE fans for over a decade and seems to finally be on the right track again in life.

    What are your favorite WWE Jeff Hardy moments? Would you like to see him back in the WWE? Everybody has an opinion on the Charismatic Enigma, so please try your best to be respectful in the comments section below.

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