WWE Summerslam 2013: Championships Most Likely to Change Hands

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2013


SumerSlam 2013 is fast approaching, and there are a few titles that seem destined to find new homes after the second biggest WWE pay-per-view of the year.

No titles changed hands at Money in the Bank, which makes SummerSlam even more likely to see some titles change hands. It's rare to see two PPVs in a row where everyone retains. Actually, it never really happens that way.

Title changes create drama and get the fans excited. SummerSlam is where WWE will put all of its effort to make the fans happy, and that means title changes.

Let's run down who the current title holders are and who are most likely to lose their title come SummerSlam.

  • WWE Champion-John Cena
  • World Champion-Alberto Del Rio
  • IC Champion-Curtis Axel
  • US Champion-Dean Ambrose
  • Tag Team Champions-Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns
  • Divas Champion-AJ Lee


WWE Champion John Cena

John Cena was given the option to choose his next opponent by Raw GM Brad Maddox, and he chose Daniel Bryan based on the crowd response.

Bryan has been on a roll lately, and right now it seems like he is destined to become WWE Champion at SummerSlam. However, there is another factor here.

Bryan could win the match and the title, but there is always the chance that Randy Orton could choose to cash in that night and take the title away from him before Bryan even gets his own nameplate put on the belt.

This would create a lot of drama, since Bryan is more over than anyone else in WWE. If Orton were to cash in on Bryan, it would almost guarantee that he would turn heel.

This is one of those situations where there are a lot of possible outcomes, but none of them seem to be John Cena leaving with his title come SummerSlam.


World Champion Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has yet to have an official challenger for SummerSlam, but his odds of keeping the title for too long seem slim.

This doesn't feel like an important title reign for Del Rio. He is more of a transitional champion right now, which means he could either lose the title to a challenger at SummerSlam or possibly to Damien Sandow were he to cash in that night.

Without Ricardo Rodriguez by his side, Del Rio is stale. He is not an interesting enough character when he is solo to hold up a brand on his own, and that might lead to his downfall.

There are plenty of solid contenders WWE could throw into the mix, but seeing Sandow walk out of SummerSlam as World Champion seems like a very good possibility.


Tag Team Champions The Shield

The Usos have been on the verge of winning the Tag titles for a little while now, and SummerSlam seems like the most likely night for it to happen.

The Shield have been slowing down ever since they won the US and Tag titles, and taking the titles off them at this point could free them up for a better program.

This is all dependent on The Usos challenging for the belts of course. If WWE decides to pair up The Usos and Mark Henry to take on The Shield in six-man action, then this won't happen.

The Usos are starting to gain popularity with fans, but more importantly, they represent what the tag team division should be all about. They are a legit tag team who could really help boost the division with their exciting in-ring style and unique look.

The SummerSlam card is beginning to solidify, and some of the potential matches will likely make this one of the best PPVs of the year.

Some champions are likely going to retain their titles, but Cena, Del Rio and The Shield all seem like the most likely candidates to lose their belts.

Who do you think is most likely to lose their title at SummerSlam?


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