WWE SummerSlam 2013: 5 Undercard Matches That Would Steal the Show

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 22, 2013

WWE SummerSlam 2013: 5 Undercard Matches That Would Steal the Show

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    SummerSlam is less than four weeks away, and we still only have one match officially made for the event. That means it's time to speculate on what matches would make up the best pay-per-view.

    WWE has been on the upswing in 2013. There have been some big names returning to WWE for part-time schedules, but the real standouts are the full-time guys.

    The amount of talent on the WWE roster at this very moment is incredible. Guys like Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and The Shield steal the show on a regular basis, and they make the whole locker room better by inspiring the other guys to keep up with them.

    That means there are a lot of possible show-stealing matches that could be made. This slideshow will look at five matches outside of the main event that could potentially steal the show at SummerSlam.

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

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    The former best friends, and members of Team Rhodes Scholars, are on a collision course which will likely end at SummerSlam.

    After taking out Rhodes to retrieve the briefcase, Damien Sandow made it clear that he is in it for himself, regardless of how his former partner felt about it.

    Rhodes and Sandow are two highly gifted individuals who both have a very vocal fanbase in WWE. Putting the two in a singles match just makes sense.

    Rhodes was getting a huge babyface reaction during the ladder match. He has been a heel since he first turned on Hardcore Holly back in 2008, and it looks like fans are finally ready to cheer for Rhodes again.

    This match would be one of the most anticipated on the SummerSlam card for fans of the newer generation of WWE superstars. Rhodes and Sandow are two men who could potentially be the next Triple H and John Cena down the line, and being able to watch them both grow over the course of their careers has been amazing.

    How could a match between them not be awesome?

Big E. Langston vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    This match seems almost guaranteed to happen after Dolph Ziggler dumped AJ Lee and Big E. Langston made it clear he was still aligned with the micro-misfit.

    The breakup set things in motion, but it was the attack on Ziggler by Langston last Monday that put things in perspective.

    Ziggler is now a babyface, and a match between he and Langston could go either way.

    Ziggler winning the match would help his babyface push, but having him put Langston over would certainly raise Langston's profile a bit.

    Langston has a couple wins over Alberto Del Rio, but other than that he has yet to see his own push. This match could help him get a little boost. This would allow him to begin to build a career for himself as more than just someone else's backup.

    Ziggler could still end up in a World title match at SS, but if he doesn't then this is the direction WWE will probably go.

    Anyone who has seen more of Langston's work in NXT knows that this guy can work a match, and with Ziggler as the ring general, this match could end up stealing the thunder at SummerSlam.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

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    When you are trying to bring in a new character who is especially creepy and demented, there is no better person to pair them with than Kane. WWE made the right move in having Wyatt focus on Kane during his debut because it will really allow Wyatt to stand out.

    WWE could have brought in the Wyatt Family the usual way by having them face some local jobbers, then some lower card WWE stars, and then having them go after a mid-card title.

    Lately this trend has shifted, and now superstars are being brought in with solid program in place, and Kane was certainly the best choice for the Wyatt Family's first feud.

    This match would not end up stealing the show because of creative chain wrestling and dozens of false finishes. This match could steal the show because of the story they tell.

    That isn't to say the match wouldn't be great. Wyatt and Kane are two of the most physically gifted men over 300 pounds the WWE has ever seen, and an encounter between them would be a knock-down drag-out brawl.

Dean Ambrose vs. RVD

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    RVD has been gone from WWE for a bit, and there is a fresh crop of superstars for him to steal the show with. WWE could do what they always do with part-timers and book RVD in matches with established superstars, but what they should do is put him up against the guys he has never faced.

    Many names come to mind as ideal opponents for RVD, but one name that stands out is Dean Ambrose.

    Ambrose and RVD could not be any more different in their styles and approach to matches, and that is what would make them a great matchup. Not to mention that both men seem willing to take some pretty sick bumps for the sake of the crowd response.

    The match could be for the US title with some kind of stipulation. Since we just had a couple ladder matches, how about a steel cage match?

    This gives something really big for RVD to jump off of for a Five-Star Frog Splash, and it gives the impression that the other members of The Shield can't interfere.

    Since Mark Henry and The Shield seem to be heading towards some kind of encounter this match is a little less likely to happen, but it would be a good one.

The Usos vs. the Shield

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    The Usos put on a great match with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns during the Money in the Bank pre-show, and since the two teams have continued to interact it is fair to assume they will be in another title match soon.

    The Shield are slowing down in terms of their storylines, and this might be the right time to have them drop the belts to Jimmy and Jey Uso.

    The Usos have been hunting for the titles since debuting in WWE a few years ago, but this is the closes they have come to being champions.

    SummerSlam is the second biggest show of the year, and because of this you can expect every superstar on the card to give 110%. Could you imagine what a match between these four men would be like if they were running on all cylinders?

    What match do you think will steal the show, and what matches would you like to see added to SummerSlam?

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