A-Rod Hits A-Bomb over A-Wall Saving Girardi's A-Hole

Joseph JoveContributor IMay 9, 2009

BRONX, NY - APRIL 28:  Infielder Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York Yankees swings at an Oakland Athletics pitch at Yankee Stadium on April 28, 2004 in the Bronx, New York.  The Yankees won 5-1.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

"The stuff that dreams are made out of" is what we saw last night in Baltimore. A fable unfolding before our very eyes.

How could a man with so much pressure on him perform at such a high level right out of the gate? The very first pitch he laid eyes on he crushed like he has been here all along.

With one swing of the bat A-Rod, lifted his teammates from despair, and brought hope to a team that seemed unmotivated and leaderless.

The look on the faces of the Yankees from the dugout was not only of happiness, but also of relief. They are relieved that A-Rod is here to absorb all the attention, so they can quietly go about their business.

You don't think Teixeira is glad to see A-Rod? Now that the lineup won't depend so heavily on him, Teixeira will relieve some of the stress that surrounds big-name free agents that sign with New York, not to mention all the good pitches he will be seeing with A-Rod hitting after him.

CC Sabathia showed last night how relaxed he was when the media's attention was on someone else. He quietly pitched a complete-game shutout.

Burnett will also benefit from A-Rod, just like Sabathia did last night.

He will be able to just concentrate on the task at hand and not have all that attention on him. Not to mention the three-time American League M.V.P. hitting behind his Gold Glove first baseman.

The return of A-Rod could not come soon enough. This Yankee team, up until this point, has been a total failure and a sorry sight for all New York fans.

Girardi has not been the manager that I thought we were getting, not the manager who won the N.L. Manager of the Year with the Marlins. To me, at times, he looks like a dear in the headlights; he seems clueless.

Only the strong survive in the Big Apple, and Girardi is looking way too weak to make it past this season. I don't see the sense of urgency in his eyes when his team is headed to the bottom of the Division.

New York's patience with Girardi at the helm is wearing very thin. I, for one, don't think that Girardi is the man that will deliver No. 27. I hope that my intuition is wrong.

Today, with the return of A-Rod, the clock starts ticking for Girardi...tick, tock, tick, tock, how many ticks will click before the top brass sends him packing?

I believe that if by June 15, the Yankees are not battling for first place, Girardi should go. Let's at least try to salvage what will be left of the first year of our new castle.

This team is too good on paper to be this bad on the playing field. Girardi is not doing his job.

My name is Joseph Jove, and it's time for Girardi to put his house in order.