Watch Yasiel Puig and Nick Markakis Both Flash Leather with Great Grabs

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIJuly 19, 2013

Yasiel Puig and Nick Markakis put on a fielding clinic Friday night.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles didn't play each other, but these two stars made their cases to be featured on ESPN's "Web Gems" segment at almost the same time.

Puig is no stranger to highlight reels—he seems to make at least one incredible play every night. On Friday, that play came in right field.

Puig ran about a mile in a split second to track down a ball in foul territory and make a tough grab against the wall to end Anthony Rendon's at-bat.

If you lost Puig and the ball because the cameraman did, here's a sideview:

Wondering how pitcher Paco Rodriguez reacted? Wonder no more:

Needless to say, the Dodgers were impressed.

Yasiel Puig channels his inner Spiderman this time to make a catch that the cameras could not. Video coming shortly.

— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) July 20, 2013

This came just five innings after Puig made one of the best throws of his career to double up Bryce Harper, who was trying to advance to third on a fly out to right. However, the third-base umpire botched the call and called Harper safe.

Replays clearly show that Harper was out, however, and that Puig's throw from clear across the field was right on the money.

If Puig's sensational fielding wasn't enough for you, Markakis came back and made a highlight-reel catch of his own.

The O's outfielder robbed a home run against the Texas Rangers in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Markakis reached well over the wall to rob Adrian Beltre of his 22nd home run of the season. He was pretty excited about it.

Reading lips, after Markakis made HR robbing catch last inning he yelled to Jones "Thats the 1st time I've ever done that."

— Eduardo A. Encina (@EddieInTheYard) July 20, 2013

You would've never known that that was his first HR robbery based on that play alone. Markakis wasn't done, either. He got the job done for the Orioles at the plate, too.

Nick Markakis, after that great play, with an RBI double to score TYM. #ho-hum. 3-1.

— Brittany Ghiroli (@Britt_Ghiroli) July 20, 2013

If you love defense, then Friday night was like Christmas in July for you, as we saw some truly spectacular plays being made in the outfield.