Ranking the 50 Most Famous WAGs in Sports History

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Ranking the 50 Most Famous WAGs in Sports History
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Living the WAG life is often in itself a pathway into the limelight for those ladies who manage to bag a guy who happens to be a sports newsmaker.

The trajectory of a WAG's newfound fame may one day surpass the boyfriend or husband who started it all, be it on her merit or via less-than-flattering circumstances. Or she could fade into obscurity.

Then there are WAGs who are celebrities in their own right. They were famous before shacking up with a professional athlete and will remain famous regardless of how the relationship ends. 

The reality is that athletes and sports executives occupy a branch on the Tree of Fame, alongside Hollywood stars, oil tycoons and the Kardashians.

Ugh...The Kardashians...

WAGs all have a modicum of fame—it comes with the territory—but there is a select group whose fame extends far beyond their relationship with anyone. For some, their relationship was the spark that launched them into the public consciousness, while for others, their name alone was enough for an automatic bid into WAG Elite.

Like so many absurdly exclusive clubs, these ladies are almost always beautiful and talented—or rich enough to fund their own business ventures, giving the impression of talent. Either way, they've made a name for themselves, many on a global stage.

These are the 50 most famous WAGs in sports history.

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