Gilbert Arenas Puts $3.5 Million Mansion on the Market, Shark Tanks Included

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 19, 2013

Image via Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Image via Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

Like the housing market, the demand for Gilbert Arenas in the NBA has tanked in recent years, and it’s probably for this reason that he is still trying to liquidate some of his more pricy investments.

One of these assets is Arenas’ 9,000 square-foot mansion in Great Falls, VA. According to, the former Washington Wizards guard first placed the property on the market in the summer of 2012 and has re-listed the home again this summer with the asking price of $3.5 million.

What will your money buy you should you choose to sink your teeth into this vast stretch of real estate? Plenty of space for people and Entourage-style partying, it would seem.

Arenas’ mansion features 10 bathrooms, seven bedrooms and a giant pool area. It should be noted that the pool comes with a grotto, in case you want to invite Hef and friends to your get-togethers.

The house also features another striking piece you can’t find at the Crate & Barrel: giant shark tanks. 

The home includes three giant aquariums where Arenas keeps his finned friends, with one tank in the entryway, another in his rec-room and a third in his grotto. With sharks stored in the foyer, the den and near the pool, Agent Zero’s home is three shattered panes of glass away from becoming a real life Sharknado situation.

That being said, it’s pretty awesome. Not too many people can say “Hey, you guys want to see some black tip reef sharks?” while they’re mixing you a daiquiri. 

So if you have a few million dollars sitting around collecting dust and are looking for a unique and interesting piece of property, you might want to make a bid. 

Who knows? You could end up with a sick pad just in time for “Shark Week.”


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