Retribution Is Due for the McMahons Against Legacy, Randy Orton

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 9, 2009

Monday Night Raw this past week was phenomenal. Three matches were single competition in which Legacy was involved against the team of Batista, Shane McMahon, and United States Champion, MVP.

Eventually this would lead to a 3 on 1 match. Vickie Guerrero made it this way... The winner of the Cody Rhodes/ MVP matchup will join their teammate (Randy Orton or Shane McMahon) in the main event. The same with the Batista/Ted DiBiase matchup.

The first of three matches was Cody Rhodes and MVP. At the announcer's table was Regal watching the match. MVP had injured his knee and  was thrown out of the ring by Rhodes.

William Regal interfered when MVP was trying to get into the ring before the count of ten. Regal grabbed MVP's leg (and of course the ref didn't see it) and knocked him off of the apron where he hit his knee again and couldn't make it back in the ring.

Second match was Batista pitted against Ted DiBiase Jr. Batista should've won this one easily but, he had DiBiase in the corner, unloading on Ted's head, back with kicks and punches.

The ref started a five-count and Batista wouldn't let DiBiase go. Therefore, he was disqualified.

Well this where it gets interesting. Since Shane's partners didn't win their matches, Orton got to have his partners and it became a 3 on 1 match. Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton and Legacy.

Batista and MVP weren't allowed to interfere or MVP would lose his belt and Batista would lose his chance to fight Orton for the belt at Judgment Day. Actually, Chavo Guerrero came up with that idea, but no one heard Vickie say it.

Orton is like a viper, very deliberate in everything he does. He's calculating and psychotic. His proteges are just like him. Whatever Orton does, they do.

That's what makes them so dangerous and lethal. I give them credit for their wrestling abilities, but that's it.

Shane started out good and I thought he might be able to pull off a win over them but as usual, they ran amok in the ring and made an example of Shane McMahon. He did his best and did try to pin DiBiase a few times, but there was interference from his partners.

However, in the middle of the match, Shane did have Orton on the announcer's table and tried to give him a flying elbow from the top rope but Orton moved and that caused Shane to go through the table causing injuries.

From there on, Orton and his little mini vipers, ganged up on Shane outside the ring, holding his leg down on the stairs while Randy smashed his ankle with a chair several times and he ended up breaking it. Shane was in excruciating pain but wouldn't give up. He did try to get up, but his ankle wouldn't support him.

Because of them using an object and all three ganging up on Shane outside of the ring, Legacy and Orton were disqualified. Shane was taken out on a stretcher.

Will they stop at nothing to win a match? Seems to me that Orton cannot fight alone. He needs his little cronies to do the dirty work for him and then he takes the credit.

I have a feeling that at Judgment Day, Orton will become the prey and Batista will be the hunter.