Sheamus and Christian Should Pair Up to Become a Serious Tag Team Title Threat

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJuly 21, 2013

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Despite the valiant efforts of Jimmy and Jey Uso at Money in the Bank, it’s fairly obvious that WWE still lacks a team with the “it factor” to dethrone The Shield as WWE World Tag Team Champions.

What WWE needs is not so much a veteran team but a team of veterans who have history with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. These veterans need to be Superstars who, right now, are in need of strong programs to keep them relevant in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

Sheamus and Christian fit that bill to a T—maybe a TT, as in “tag team.”

They already have teamed once—a few weeks ago on television. They defeated Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Some kinks would need to be worked out, but overall, they have a good foundation to be an incredible tag team.

Also consider that Sheamus and Christian are familiar with what The Shield can do, as both have been recipients of the now-famous Shield beatdown.

Neither man is involved in a serious program right now. And it’s possible that either of them could wind up as contenders for Alberto Del Rio’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But right now, putting them together and having them seriously challenge for the tag titles makes the most sense.

For one thing, Christian is a tag team specialist. He and real-life best friend Adam “Edge” Copeland won the WWE World Tag Team Championship seven times. Throw in the reigns he had with Chris Jericho and Lance Storm, and you are looking at a nine-time tag team champion.

That certainly qualifies him as someone who knows his way around a tag match.

As for Sheamus, well, he only could benefit from some extended time in the tag division. He’s already proven his mettle as a successful singles performer, and he also has shown he does well in tag matches. Prior to the buildup for the all-star contest at Money in the Bank, he and Randy Orton wrestled numerous times as a team and were starting to get nicknames like the “Apex Warriors.”

But Orton now is in the picture for the WWE championship, so any serious tagging is on hold. And do you really want to endure yet another battle between Sheamus and Del Rio for the World belt? That battle is not just tired; it’s downright anemic.

Everyone would win with a Sheamus-Christian tag team challenging for the titles.

Christian gets a fight-loving roughneck with a reputation for not backing down. Sheamus gets a tag mentor who can show him the ins and outs of championship-caliber tagging.

Even titleholders Reigns and Rollins would be winners in this program. They would be facing two men who match up well against them physically, plus they also would be challenged by two guys known for their ability for getting opponents over in a match.

Look back a couple of years to see how Christian got Orton over for his third World championship. And speaking of World titles, who knows how far Sandow would have gone in the MITB battle for the blue briefcase had he not been involved in an outstanding feud with Sheamus just before MITB?

WWE has shown it believes in The Shield by keeping the tag belts on them. Now it needs to show it believes in making the tag division strong again.

Establishing Sheamus and Christian as a top tag team would do just that.


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