Reebok Plans to Launch New Orlando Magic Colorway for Shaqnosis Sneakers

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 19, 2013

After the storm of buzz following the rerelease of Shaquille O’Neal’s Shaqnosis shoe line on July 12, Reebok is planning to take the footwear a step further.

According to fashion and lifestyle website Dr Jay’s, the company is planning to roll out a new colorway paying homage to O’Neal’s early days with the Orlando Magic.

The new look will feature the same design, with O’Neal’s trademark dunk symbol adorning the front and back of the sneaker. The only difference will be the Magic’s blue and black colors, which are surely meant to evoke the nostalgia of basketball fans who remember the Diesel before he had the nickname.

The new colorway will also be accompanied by the release of a matching Shaqnosis shirt and hat.

The Shaqnosis has faded out of circulation since the middle-to-late 1990s, when Shaq was young and (relatively) lean. 

The current color scheme is the original white and black, which hasn’t been on the shelves since 1995, according to The white and black edition is retailing for $115. 

O’Neal has reportedly been spotted in public sporting a pair of the new edition Shaqnosis shoes, and to put it plainly, you either love the look or hate it.

The lines are aggressive and in your face, and like the name suggests, you can easily find yourself mesmerized by these shoes whether you appreciate the style or not.

Do you like the look? Personally, I can appreciate the style, but I think if these were mixed with the new Zubaz uniforms we’re seeing in college basketball, someone might have a seizure.  

If you’re digging the style, look for the new black and blue Shaqnosis in stores August 2.


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