The WWE and the Current Sad State of an Uneven Tag Team Division

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 19, 2013

Although I am an old NWA guy, the one thing I have enjoyed over the years growing up has been the tag team division in the WWF and WWE. Well, the tag team division the way it used to be, not how it is depicted now.

There are four or five teams that mean something when it comes to tag team wrestling today. The rest, in my opinion, are wasting space, much like the divas for the most part, who are carried by a few select wrestlers.

While the WWE in recent months has looked to improve its “game” with the development of The Shield, The Wyatts and Team Hell No, there is a drop and separation between what is “good” and what is “bad” within the company.

Here are my thoughts.

To start, this is not your daddy’s tag teams of old—like Demolition, the Samoans or even the Soul Patrol. None of these tag teams would lose to teams in the division today, with the exception of The Shield.

While we just completed the best pay-per-view of the year in “Money in the Bank,” pitting the two best teams in the company (The Shield and The Usos), there are teams that struggle right now for a myriad of reasons.

As we already know, Team Hell No is disbanded, ending a great run from Daniel Bryan and Kane. Team Rhodes Scholars is headed for a divorce and subsequent feud and future war. Tons of Funk is a nice gimmick, but teams like Tugboat and Earthquake and Rosey and The Hurricane are much better acts in years gone by. This team is a fun team to watch, but I don’t see them as serious contenders. The same can be said for 3MB with Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater.

McIntyre could be marketed on his own as a singles competitor, and Slater could be a real find if his gimmick were changed. Together, I think the two, not three, of them make a good team.

One of the reasons why the division fails is because of booking. While it seems the WWE is working to make tag teams a more important part of the three hour program on Raw, they do much better on Main Event and SmackDown because they are not linked to the last segment of the night, where The Shield wrestles three singles competitors who have no real continuity to them. On the shorter shows, the matches are more intense, and the division is a highlight of the program.

Oh, and if anyone is listening, please forget the six-man main events completely, unless we are resurrecting the Freebirds, the Russians or the Horsemen to face The Shield and The Wyatts.

Right now, The Shield is a great team. The Usos are a great team. The Real Americans are moving toward the top of the ladder. Then there is the drop off.

In order to level the playing field, maybe the WWE should work on developing more tag teams? Maybe The Miz and Christian? Or Sheamus and Wade Barrett? Something tells me Paul Heyman could pair Curtis Axel with David Otunga which would add a really good team to his stable of talent. What about something like Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins?

There is plenty of talent to work with. The WWE just needs to open its eyes and see it.

Until the creative team can find a way to make the division more interesting, we will be left with these teams that at some point will bore us to death, if that has not happened already.

Some teams just need to step up.