WWE Reportedly Interested in Signing Former TNA Star Matt Morgan

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIJuly 19, 2013

Matt Morgan has always oozed potential. He's a big guy with a good look. He's not spectacular, but he's still solid in the ring. That said, he's never been able to connect with the audience long enough for any push to take hold. 

More than 10 years since he first appeared on WWE Tough Enough, Matt Morgan was recently cut by TNA and may be back on the WWE's radar, according to a PWInsider report (h/t Rajah).

Morgan's first run on Smackdown during the brand split was uneventful. While Paul Heyman was collecting monsters for clients, Morgan briefly joined the team that also included Brock Lesnar, Nathan Jones, A-Train and Big Show. After suffering a shoulder injury, he headed back to Ohio Valley Wrestling. 

He re-debuted more than a year later with even less success. Someone thought it was a great idea to take a giant guy and give him a stutter. That'll put butts in seats. 

Since 2007, Morgan has been a member of the TNA roster, moving between face and heel alignments like his name is Kane. He never received much direction for his character, but that's par for the course for any TNA wrestler. 

Most recently, Morgan began a feud with Hulk Hogan. Essentially, he grew an impressive beard and stole Hogan's golden robe that he wore early in his career. The feud never really happened, though, as Hogan was quickly distracted by the Aces & Eight's, while Brooke married Bully Ray and is now in a massive soap opera storyline. 

Meanwhile, Morgan was kicked to the curb.

So, now at 36 years old, the 7-footer is back on the open market. No longer is he a young stud with potential galore. He's more likely a short-term hired gun big man that could be used to job out to John Cena or join Tons of Funk's dancing performances. 

WWE is doing their diligence on Morgan. It's the responsibility of any wrestling scout to take a look at the talent available. Morgan does have a moderately recognizable name. You also can't teach sizea trait that has kept Morgan and countless NBA centers on payrolls for a long time. 

Ultimately, though, WWE should take a pass on Morgan. The company is bursting with new talent at their sparkling performance center. There are too many guys on the roster at the moment in need of a push and direction for them to consider adding a new obligation to the portfolio. 

Morgan belongs in Japan where he can assume Tensai/A-Train/Albert/Giant Bernard's role as the scary looking American. It's really his best shot left at making a name in the industry.