Gina Carano to Star in Comic Book-Based Movie 'Avengelyne'

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistJuly 19, 2013

Martial artist-turned-actress Gina Carano has another movie deal lined up. After starring in the 2012 action flick Haywire and making a bit appearance in Fast & Furious 6, Carano will now be playing 1990s comic book relic Avengelyne, the namesake from the oft-resurrected series created by Rob Liefeld, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Carano is a name very familiar to fight fans. Incredibly attractive and owning legitimate striking skills, she was the unquestioned face of women's MMA from 2006 through 2010. She pioneered new ground in the sport, appearing on the cover of the 2009 ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue, headlining the first ever major MMA card with women given top billing and establishing women as a viable draw in the sport.

She owned a 7-1 MMA record, her final fight being a harsh knockout loss to Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (now Cristiane Justino, after divorcing her husband, Evangelista Santos). Afterward, Carano more or less hung her gloves up and achieved moderate success as an actress, but is still best remembered for her setting the foundation for fighters like Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate.

While Carano is, for the most part, remembered favorably by MMA fans, Avengelyne is widely panned by comic book aficionados. Created in 1995 by Rob Liefeld, an artist who is largely blackballed in the comic industry these days, Avengelyne is remembered as a generic story that served as a flimsy stage for a scantily clad heroine.

A fallen angel banished to an Earth overrun by demons, Avengelyne is tasked by God to protect “The One," who will fix all the world's ills. However, she must do this while wearing essentially no clothing to obscure her disgusting, genuinely inhuman proportions.

Hollywood Reporter says the story will be retooled by Liefield and Carano, with the movie produced by Scott Karp and Brooklyn Weaver.