Brian Scalabrine Chases Little People Dressed as Leprechauns at Baseball Game

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Watch this video, turn off your computer and walk away.

That’s all you can do after watching Brian Scalabrine wrestle little people dressed up as leprechauns. After that, you don’t need to see anything else. You’ve gorged on Internet glory, and any other entertainment you see after this will only leave you bloated and disappointment.

The incident you are now witness to occurred during a minor league baseball game on Thursday night, according to Kiley Kmiec of Next Impulse Sports. It was “Irish Night” for the Boston Red Sox-affiliated Lowell Spinners, and Scalabrine was on hand to watch their matchup against the State College Spikes. 

It was just another summer night at the minor leagues when the former NBA glue-man was beset upon by little people dressed in green.

Scalabrine was sitting in a lawn chair in front of the Spinners dugout when a small man approached him, throwing his leprechaun hat to the ground in anger.

Fingers were pointed, words were exchanged, and while it's unclear what the small man was saying, the message was written on his face.

A referee was present (naturally) but he let the two go at it. These things tend to work themselves out.

Faced with an extremely angry little person, the Scalamander went with the first natural option of conflict resolution and charged straight at him.

What ensued can only be described as “minor league magic,” as the video cuts to Scalabrine—a 35-year-old man and newly minted assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors—running slapdash after two little people. 

As quick as it begins, however, it’s over. The video ends after an agonizingly short 14 seconds and the screen goes to black, without so much as a “Fin” end-marker or “Yakety Sax” dub-over.

Do not despair, friends. Like all magical rides, the carriage eventually turns back into a pumpkin. Remember the good times we had, and thank our lucky stars for Scalabrine, minor league baseball and the beautiful music they can create together.


Never forget the Great Leprechaun Chase of '13

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