Hank Steinbrenner's Letter To Yankee Fans

Brenden MonroeCorrespondent IMay 8, 2009

TAMPA, FL - APRIL 01:  Owner George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees talks with his son, Hank, against the Philadelphia Phillies at George Steinbrenner Field April 1, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Dear Yankee Fans,

I know many of you are frustrated with the team, the ticket prices and the manager, but I am telling you right now we will be ok. 

By we, I mean me, Hal, and Dad.

Sure ticket prices are through the roof.  You want to go to the games?  Get a better job, work overtime, or rob a Red Sox fan.

Obstructed views? Yeah right, who wouldn’t want to look at our ugly restaurant?

People say that I am not a charitable person….what a load of crap that is.  Last week, I gave a used cigarette to a homeless guy.  You know who he is; he’s the guy outside the stadium who has the sign that reads: 

I ain’t gonna lie, I need the money for booze!

See, I respect that guy.  He’s honest, a straight shooter, just like me.  Hell, maybe he’ll be our next GM after I fire Cashman tomorrow.  Like I said, I’m a straight shooter.

Time for another cig,



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