WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for 7/19/13

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 18, 2013

(Photo from WWE.com)
(Photo from WWE.com)

Providence, RI fans and folks who read spoilers already know what went down at the first WWE SmackDown following Money in the Bank. Everyone else will see a number of intriguing stories and matches play out on Friday night.

The show features a rematch from that event's pre-show, a match apparently cut out of Monday's Raw, and the WWE title MITB winner in action against the World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE is advertising on its website that Paul Heyman will be Miz's guest on Miz TV. Heyman will be hard-pressed to outdo his scathing, enthralling promo on Monday night, but watching him try will be fun.

Even with Brock Lesnar not being a consistent presence on WWE TV, his feud with CM Punk is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year thanks to Heyman.

Vince McMahon will make an appearance to address the SmackDown General Manager position. Brad Maddox is busy with another show, so he's out of the running.

Without giving away the endings, here are the matches from the upcoming episode.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger

Former friends and clients of Vickie Guerrero face off in one-on-one action. Swagger was also the man who gave Ziggler a concussion causing his world title reign to sputter. There's sure to be some lingering hatred there.

After breaking up with AJ Lee, Ziggler is going to keep looking over his shoulder as he wrestles Swagger. The Divas champ is not exactly one to talk things out rationally.

The big question with The Show Off will be about if he is out of the world title picture for now in favor of a feud with AJ via Big E. Langston. A win against Swagger could get him back in the running for Alberto Del Rio's title. Interference from his ex will speak to a possible Langston and Ziggler clash in the near future.


The Shield vs. The Usos

WWE fans get a repeat of the Money in the Bank pre-show match. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns look to continue their winning ways against Jimmy and Jey Uso. The more these two teams collide, the more likely it will be The Usos who challenge for the tag titles at SummerSlam.

WWE would be wise to make that potential bout into a ladder match, a stipulation that would keep this pairing fresh and showcase both The Shield's chaotic style and The Usos’ high-flying ability.


Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

This is the match WWE had ready to go for Monday slides over to Friday.

F4WOnline (via WrestlingInc.com) reported that "Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett were scheduled to have a lengthy match on last night's RAW but it was nixed because the promo segment with Paul Heyman and CM Punk went around 4 minutes too long."

It's a good move not to give fans a rushed version of this battle and instead save it for WWE SmackDown.

Bryan goes into this looking to gain momentum for his upcoming WWE Championship match with John Cena at SummerSlam. Barrett could use a win of any kind, fluky, underhanded or otherwise.


Curtis Axel vs. Chris Jericho

The man who has won the Intercontinental Championship more than anyone else in WWE history takes on the current titleholder in what will be Jericho's newest swan song.

After delivering a fantastic match against Rob Van Dam on Monday, Jericho will tangle with Axel one more time before going back to his other life, that of a frontman for Fozzy.

This clash with Axel will be the last we see of Jericho in a WWE ring, at least until after October 6 when Fozzy's tour closes in Vancouver.


Rob Van Dam vs. Darren Young

Rob Van Dam will apparently be working more non-pay-per-view dates than Brock Lesnar as he follows up his WWE Raw performance by battling one half of the Prime Time Players.

Win or lose, Young can make a name for himself with a good performance against the beloved star.

Without a rival heading toward SummerSlam, all eyes will be on Van Dam as we watch what road WWE has planned for Mr. Monday Night.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

This non-title match is the featured bout of the night. It showcases two of the company's most reliable in-ring performers. With either guy in the mix, one can depend on a quality match.

The best match of Fandango's career came just this past Monday opposite Orton.

The big story coming out of Orton vs. Del Rio is not the victor or the storyline but instead the news of Orton's injury. WWE.com reported that Orton suffered a cervical strain and cervical neuropraxia.

As scary as those injuries sound, Washington University of St. Louis writes that one can recover from neuropraxia as soon as a few days.

Orton took to Twitter to say he was fine.

Let's hope he is. The Viper's possession of the Money in the Bank briefcase will make the next few months rather interesting.

Otherwise, we might point back to this episode of WWE SmackDown as the night that led to Orton following Mr. Kennedy's lead in having to give up the briefcase.