B/R Turns Into WWE Smackdown: Ego Trip

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B/R Turns Into WWE Smackdown: Ego Trip
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(Out of character announcement) Hey guys, I'd just like to say that we have put the Smackdown vs Raw storyline on hold and we apologize, but it is not the time for it to go down. We will be having a Saturday Night Main Event tomorrow and that will be all Smackdown vs Raw matches to cool off some steam. Thanks and enjoy the show.

Sorry if it isn't as good as my last ones, but I have gone through a few fmily emergencies this week and I may not be able to have gotten as much done as I wanted.


(C#1) Ladies and gentlemen, we are live in Ontario, Canada and we have a lot of questions that need to be answered tonight.

(C#2) No doubt! We will hear from M on Ron Johnson's latest comments last week as well as a special announcement later tonight from General Manager, DJ Rallo!

M's music hits as he walks to the ring with a mic. Several amount of heat throughout the arena.

(M) Well, after the vicious actions by Ron Johnson last week, I felt that is was only necessary to make sure I am 100% safe here on Smackdown. That is why I have filed for a restraining order and we will not be having a Stretcher Match at Judgment Day.

Crowd heavily giving heat to M.

(M) Shut up! This is my world and you are just lucky enough to be living in it! I'm better than anyone else and unlike you people, I never make mistakes! I demand proper respect.

DJ Rallo's music hits as he walks on the ramp with a mic.

(DJ) Wow. A proper response from somebody that started this all. Also, I looked at this "restraining order" and it reads that it does not come into effect for a month. So I'll make you a deal. You will be in a match tonight in a match against any member of Smackdown. And if you win, there will be no Stretcher Match at Judgment Day, but if your opponent wins, the match will happen and the restraining order will not come into effect. The Truth has spoken.

Rallo walks back down the ramp as M is mad in the ring.

(Commercial Break)

(Segment in Rallo's office with Jay Rob the Legacy Kid and Dan Telek.)

(Jay) Look why did you bring me here Telek? Rallo isn't even here

(Telek) I'm going to do you a favor and you can repay me by doing me a favor.

(Jay) What?

Rallo walks in.

(DJ) Afternoon men. What do you want.

(Telek) Look sir, I have to show you this clip of what hap pend in Jay's match last week.

Video plays the Eby/Jay match's ending last week.

(Telek) You see that? I demand that Jay Rob is inserted into the title match at Judgment Day.

(DJ) I've seen this clip and I will grant you your wish if you do me a favor. I want you to fight M tonight. If you win, you can be in the WWE Championship match. Good luck and do not let me down.

Kevin Canny walks in.

(Canny) Sup Danny and Jay. Trying to get out of our match at Judgment Day Telek?

Telek looks mad.

(Canny) Chill man, it's a joke. By the way DJ, I have to pick up those forms you wanted me to get.

Telek still looks kind of mad, but Jay and Dan leave the room as we go to the ring.

(RA) This is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Cruiserweight Championship. Introducing first, please welcome back, Tim List!

Crowd goes ballistic as List is back after that insane match with Sulyaman at Backlash!

(RA) And his opponent, Dozer!

He comes out looking cocky with a big smirk on his face. Lot of heat going throughout the crowd.

The bell rings and we are under way.

Match starts with Dozer hitting a series of dropkicks to List, but Tim keeps quickly getting up. Dozer then hits a series of clotheslines, but List will not stay down.

They are still up on their feet until Tim hits an enziguri on to Dozer as Dozer falls on his leg. Dozer looks to be in pain until List kicks Dozer's back as he is sitting up in the ring. He is now down as List hits a Lionsault on to Dozer and goes for the pin. 2 count as List looks mad. Dozer is still down as List is getting the crowd excited. Tim then goes for a senton on a prone Dozer, but he rolls outside the ring.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as both men are fighting on the outside of the ring. They are exchanging a series of punches and kicks until Dozer irish wips List into the steel steps. Tim looks to be in great pain as he is still hurt from Backlash.

Dozer then takes a drink from a fan and pours it all over List and Dozer starts screaming at the crowd. Then he starts hitting List with a series of stomps as the referee has a 5 count right now. Dozer then quickly runs into the ring, but runs back out and throws List into the ring. Dozer then hits a senton from the second rope on to List and goes for the pin. 2 and a half count as Dozer starts screaming at the referee.

As he is yelling, List is up and behind him looking ready to end this match as he turns Dozer around and hits a sidewalk slam. List then goes to the top rope and hit a perfectly executed Shooting Star Press. He goes for the pin and gets the three count.

(RA) Here is your winner and the first Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Tim List.

The crowd is going ballistic as List is on his knees with the belt, celebrating in the ring. Tim walks out with his head raised high and the belt covering his bandages from Backlash.

(Commercial Break)

(Backstage Segment between Sterling Eby, Christi Lott, Andrea Claire, and Blue Chip)

(Eby) Can you believe this Christi?! That soft, loser general manager takes away my one on one match at Judgment Day if Jay Rob beats M! Guess you can just expect this nonsense here!

(Lott) Calm down. You aren't even in action tonight. He gave you a well deserved break. Just let me take care of that bi*ch, Andrea tonight.

Blue Chip walks into the room.

(Chip) Look Eby, I have a question for you. Can you...

(Eby) Not now loser. Me and Christi have plans to make for tonight.

Eby walks out as Christi follows but Eby leaves quickly and Andrea runs into Christi.

(Lott) What do you want? Can you not see I'm busy.

(Claire) I'd be a little more concerned about me tonight instead of your cute, little friends big plans to cheat his way to a win at Judgment Day.

Lott looks at Claire and leaves to follow Eby.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This match is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the tag team of Demetrus Stokes and Jared Farver!

Walk out to a big face pop from the crowd.

(RA) And their opponents, the team of Blue Chip and.....

Blue Chips music hits as he walks out with a mic.

(Chip) Look. I can'y find a tag team partner here! What is wrong with this brand?! You don't want to team with a legend in the making? Fine, ring the bell.

(C#1) Guess this is more of Blue's shenanigans from last week.

The bell rings and we are under way

Stokes is starting this match with Chip as Chip is screaming at Stokes and Farver. He flips off Stokes as he hits a clothesline. Stokes is down as Chip poses on the other side of the ring. But Stokes gets up and tags in Farver.

Farver looks at Chip who is still posing and he hits a spear and goes for the 3 count on Blue Chip. He gets the three and Stokes and Farver win again as they walk out of the ring.

(C#1) Wow the only differences this week where that Chip got one offensive manuever. He is really in need of a tag partner.

(Commercial Break)

In Ring Segment: Judgment Day Contract Signing: Dan Telek and Kevin Canny.

Both men are already in the ring as DJ Rallo walks out.

(DJ) Good evening gentlemen. Tonight is the official contract signing of the United States Championship match between the "Hitman" Kevin Canny and Dan Telek. If you both take a seat we can get this signing under way.

Both men sit down and each have a microphone.

(DJ) Well if there are any words that you would like to say with each other, please speak now.

Canny picks up the mic.

(Canny) Well Telek, I have not much to say but good luck and in two weeks, we'll see what happens.

Telek picks up his mic.

(Telek) Well with all due respect Hitman, I will be walking out the United States Champion. But I look forward to meeting you in the ring.

Kevin Canny signs the contract, then Telek does. They both get out of their chairs.

(DJ) Thank you for cooperating gentlemen and may the best man win.

DJ walks out, but as both competitors are about to leave, Dub Sizzle's music hits. Canny and Telek are awaiting him at the ring, but Sizzle comes through the crowd and hits Canny from behind and throws him outside of the ring.

Sizzle then hits a bicycle kick to Telek and then picks him up. Sizzle then hits the Demon Driver through the desk in the ring. He raises his hand as the crowd is giving him much heat as he leaves the arena through the crowd.

(C#2) Can you believe this!? Sizzle has gone too far now and I feel that he is going to ruin the match between Kevin Canny and Dan Telek at Judgment Day.

(C#1) I'm actually recieving notice that Dub Sizzle is going to be in a match against Dan Telek next week in a steel cage match!

(C#2) Wow! Hopefully this will end this war so we can see a good one on one match at Judgment Day.

Backstage Interview Segment w/Darris Brown

(BA) Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Darris Brown. Welcome to Smackdown Darris.

(Brown) Thanks and I feel this move will do great things for me. I'm on the B show with a bunch of low downs and rejects which guarantees that I will be the WWE Champion in no time.

Braden Walker comes to Brown's face.

(Brown) Who the hell are you supposed to be?

(Walker) I'm Braden Walker and I'm gonna knock your brains out.

Walker walks away as Daris mumbles to himself.,

(Brown) Ummmm. (mumbling to himself)

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This match is scheduled for one fall. Currently in the ring Chris....Sorry, Braden Walker!

The crowd is silent except for a few "Who are you?" chants.

(RA) And his opponent, Darris Brown.

Darris walks out looking confused on why this guy is even here.

Bell rings and we are under way

Braden looks determined as he walks up to shake Brow's hand. Brown spits at him and hits him with a low blow. The referee rings the bell as Walker wins by disqualification.

Darris looks mad as he grabs a chair and starts hitting Walker as Walker goes down. He is now stomping on Walker continuously and then he hit a leg drop to Braden. Darris still looks angy and he looks under the ring for a weapon. He gets a baseball bat, some thumbtacks, and some barbed wire. He puts the tacks in the bat as well as wrapping the wire around the bat and hit Walker with it.

Walker is down as Darris walks away looking mad. Medics come to take Braden out on a stretcher.

(C#1) That may have been the weirdest thing that I have ever seen. Some nobody geting his ass kicked by a star much more deserving of a good match.

(C#2) Guess you have to be disappointed once in a while.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied by Sterling Eby, Christi Lott.

Lott and Eby walk halfway towards the ramp and Eby has a mic.

(Eby) Hey guys! Rumor backstage is that the fans adore the real champion that they demanded that he was in action tonight. So GM Rallo told us that it was going to be a mixed tag team match now!

Arena is filled with so much heat

Lott grabs the mic

(Lott) Hey Andrea, good luck finding a man now!

They continue to walk down the ramp

Andrea's music now hits as she walks down the ramp with a mic. She enters the ring.

(Claire) Do not worry guys. I thought you would think of something like this so I always have a backup.

AkD's music hits as he walks out in his ring gear.

(Claire) My tag partner, the WWE Champion himself, AkD!

Crowd goes ballistic as he walks into the ring with Andrea.

Bell rings as we are under way.

Andrea and Lott start the match as Lott slaps Andrea in the face. Claire then takes down Lott with a tackle and Andrea is in control as she is hitting a serious of punches. She then gets up and starts stomping on Christi and locks Christi in a headlock as Lott is trying to break out of it.

She finally does as she squirms out of the hold and gets behind Andrea. Lott has a full nelson locked in on to Andrea. Claire is now crying in pain as AkD is hitting the turnbuckle as the crowd is getting pumped up for this match.

The hod is still locked in until Andrea manages to hit a leg sweep that takes down Christi. Claire is now crawling to get a tag to AkD as Lott has just tagged in Sterling Eby. AkD has been tagged in as well and AkD hits a flying cross body on to Eby and goes for the pin. Two count and AkD hits a dropckick on a prone Eby and goes for another pinfall. One count this time as AkD is shocked.

AkD then picks up Eby, but Eby reverses and hits a few jabs to AkD's chest until AkD reverses with a T-Bone Suplex. Both men are down but AkD goes for the pinfall. Two count as AkD is growing angry and he gets Eby up. The lights then go out and the voice from last week goes off.

(?) Adrenaline rushing towards me. Energy rising. Enzymes fuming with anger. I've got you right were I want you.

The lights go back on and AkD and Sterling Eby are no longer in the ring. Andrea and Lott look confused but they continue the bout as a one on one match.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as Lott and Christi are still in the ring. Lott has hit Andre with a german suplex. Both women are down as they both get up and Andrea goes to the top rope. Christi quickly gets on the rope and hits a superplex. They are both down as the lights go off.

(?) Got you.

Eby and AkD are back as they are down on the ground as are Andrea and Christi Lott. None of them get up at the ten count as medics come out to help all of them as we go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

(C#2) Ladies and gentlemen, we have learned that AkD and Christi Lott did turn out to be o.k., but Andrea Claire and Sterling Eby are being transported to a nearby medical facility.

(C#1) With that being said. We still need to move on.

Backstage Segment Between DJ Rallo and New Superstar

(DJ) It is great to have signed you to Smackdown and we look forward to meeting you in person next week.

A Jev Thrope Video is shown and he is a month away from returning.

(RA) This is our main event contest and it is scheduled for one fall.

Jay Rob comes out to a big pop, M comes out to many booes.

Bell rings and we are under way.

Jay quickly hits a cross body off of the second rope, but M quickly catches him. M then hits a sudewalk slam on to Jay and M is now hitting some elbow drops on to Jay. The onslaught continues until Jay rolls outside of the ring and we go to commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as Jay is in control as he has just hit a few elbows to M's midsection as M is looking mad. M then flips Jay to the mat and hit an Elbow Drop on to Jay. M then goes to the top and connects with a flying headbut to Jay. He goes for the pin but he only gets a two count.

M then picks up Jay on his shoulders and attempted to hit his new finisher called the TrainwreK, but Jay reversed with an acrobatic monkey flip that knocked down M. Jay then threw M into the turnbuckle. Jay ran into M, but M got out of the way only to let Jay run up the turnbuckle and hit the Whispher in the Winds. He went for a pinfall but only got a two count.

Jay looks astonished as he picks up M, he hits M with a jab to the jaw to shut his fat mouth up and Jay ran onto the top rope and hit a sprinboard splash on to M. Jay has now picked up M and nailed his finisher The Chiropractor. He pins M for three as Jay Rob wins the match.

(C#2) WoW! Jay is now in the main event and M will be facing Ron Johnson in a Stretcher Match at Judgment Day. M is going to have to be frightened going into this match.

Ron Johnson's music hits as he is at the beginning of the ramp pointing at M.  sits up and looks like a madman. This concludes this week's edition of Smackdown.

Quick List: For those who want quick results

Tim List beat Dozer to become the Cruiserweight Champion

Demetrus Stokes and Jared Farver beat Blue Chip via pinfall

Braden Walker beat Darris Brown via disqualification.

Sterling Eby and Christi Lott vs AkD and Andrea Claire (No contest)

Jay Rob Legacy Kid beat M via pinfall


M is in the ring as DJ Rallo comes out and announces the current card for Judgment Day while M is in the ring. Hearing about his match with Ron, M pushes DJ a little bit. Rallo then kicked M where it hurts most and put him in the powerbomb position, he hot the Canadian Destroyer under the name "Winged Victory"

DJ, Jay, and Ron Johnson celebrated and wish the fans a good night

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