Why Manchester United Should Sell Wayne Rooney This Summer

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalJuly 17, 2013

The Wayne Rooney speculation has been inescapable this summer. Sir Alex Ferguson said goodbye to Manchester United shortly after stating Rooney had handed in a transfer request. From there, every day has brought a new rumour.

Chelsea are serious about signing him, this we know. Jose Mourinho said in a press conference on Wednesday that Rooney was Chelsea's only remaining summer target, per BBC Sport.

Should United take the cash from a Premier League rival, knowing Rooney could hurt their title chances in another team's colours? Or should they hold out for an offer from a club overseas?

The third option is not selling Rooney at all. His record speaks for itself and United would be losing their second-most likely scorer behind Robin van Persie.

In this clip, I make the argument for United taking the money.