MLB All-Star Game 2013: Biggest Disappointments at Citi Field

Eric GuyCorrespondent IIIJuly 17, 2013

Andrew McCutchen failed to produce throughout the evening.
Andrew McCutchen failed to produce throughout the evening.Elsa/Getty Images

The 2013 MLB All-Star Game at Citi Field turned out to be less exciting than many had hoped it would be. 

While the game had its moments—New York Yankees' Mariano Rivera winning the MVP and New York Mets' Matt Harvey throwing a strike-fest—the 3-0 American League victory was disappointing, due in large part to a few individuals in particular. 


Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen couldn't get anything going for the National League. McCutchen finished 0-for-2, striking out twice. 

Yes, it is an All-Star Game and the effort exerted by the players certainly isn't anything close to that of a regular-season contest. 

However, McCutchen had ample opportunities to create something for the side. For example, with one out in the bottom of the ninth, McCutchen stepped up to the plate with Joe Nathan on the mound and struck out swinging. 

The very next at-bat, Arizona Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschmidt doubled to deep right. So, if McCutchen was able to get on base, there would have at least been a chance that the National League could mount a comeback. 


Jim Leyland

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland made a ton of pitching changes over the course of the evening, deadening the overall pace of the game as a result. 

During the seventh inning, Greg Holland, Brett Cecil and Steve Delabar pitched for the American League.

Then, during the eighth inning, Leyland brought in Rivera to relieve Delabar. After Rivera pitched one inning, Joe Nathan then came in to close it out. 

The entertainment value for fans definitely lessened due to the managerial decisions.

It certainly would have been an amazing sight to see Rivera have the opportunity to get the save in his final All-Star Game. 

Now we'll never know. 


Robinson Cano

It was not Cano's fault that the game was disappointing. However, his absence after getting struck in the knee by a Harvey fastball early definitely was. 

With the game in New York City, many fans had to have been excited at the prospect of seeing Cano go up against Flushing's finest in Harvey.

But, after he was forced to exit the game in the first inning, disheartening is the only word that could sum up the feeling.