Is this Randy Orton's Last Chance to Capture the WWE Championship?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJuly 18, 2013

Is this the last time we will see Randy Orton in the WWE Title picture?

The nine-time WWE Champion and the current “Money in the Bank” winner is in line for a shot at the WWE Title and possibly a date with John Cena. But after an almost two-year period without gold around his waist, is this the last time we will see one of the company’s most controversial characters in the title hunt for either of the WWE’s two major belts?

It was a strange 24-hour chain of events for Orton, who appeared on Raw Monday night and confronted Cena with a simple message regarding his desire to be the next WWE Champion. Orton told Cena that when he cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase, Cena will not see it coming.

Oddly enough, that may have been the same way Orton felt when he suffered injuries while in a match with Alberto Del Rio at the SmackDown taping Tuesday in Providence.

According to, Orton suffered a “Cervical strain and a cervical neuropraxia.”

In a story reported on, Orton provided his own update on his Twitter account on his injuries.

Hey, remember when I said don't listen to the net? I'm fine. Del Rio's kicks are hard as hell, and I caught one to the neck, part of the job"

Will Orton’s injury have a direct effect on what the WWE has set up for the summer and the potential for “The Viper” to strike golf again?

The great thing about Orton’s injury is it is either true and the injury sustained is real, or it is part of a work the creative team is using possibly as a way for Orton to strike at Cena when he least expects it. Either way, it could be used effectively here in the story being told.

As we all know, Orton holds the MitB contract, but it is Daniel Bryan who Cena chose on Monday night to take a shot at him and the WWE Title. I could see this working out in various ways.

Orton’s injury is a “work"

much like his daddy, Bob “Ace” Orton’s was when he was Roddy Piper’s lackey back in the day. The “injury” helps Orton cash in and surprise Cena for the win.

Daniel Bryan beats Cena

It sounds like a mismatch, but Bryan has looked great in every match he has been in of late and this should be no different. In fact, I will go as far as to say Cena is going to look awful in this confrontation. If Bryan beats Cena, what is to say he is so spent, Orton hits the ring, hits the RKO on Bryan and takes the title.

The attack of John Cena

The Shield or the Wyatts soften Cena up. One night during an interview on Raw it happens. Orton again hits the ring and cashes in.

All of this is plausible if the injury is not severe. All of this is plausible if the plans for the WWE over the summer go according to plan. All of this is plausible if the WWE sees it my way.

Or, in most cases, this would never happen.

Because he has won so much in a short amount of time (he is only 33), it is hard to imagine him not wrestling another 10 years. But because of the depth of talent in the company and the need for the WWE to promote other wrestlers and bring them along, this might be the best shot gets from now on.