Full Preview and Spoilers for WWE Main Event Featuring the Wyatt Family

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJuly 17, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com


WWE Main Event comes to us this week from Providence Rhode Island and features three matches on the card. As with any other edition of Main Event, this one is sure to contain recaps of the matches from Monday Night Raw as well as vignettes that aired during that same program. 

This Main Event, however, is also Wyatt Family-friendly.

The first match of the night was Christian versus Fandango. I have to say that I am somewhat surprised that this was not the last match of the evening. After all, Christian is a very popular veteran Superstar and many fans enjoy his work in the ring.

Christian is fully capable of putting on a great match with virtually anyone in the WWE locker room and is an accomplished worker in the ring. It’s because of this that I feel that perhaps he should have been in the main event.

His opponent is a man whose best days are hopefully in front of him. Fandango is a guy who reentered WWE with a new character and a new approach. His rejuvenated career has had some hits and misses thus far, but he does seem to have been on an upward trend in recent weeks.

He received quite the ovation on the July 15 Monday Night Raw, and I thought perhaps WWE would have decided to let him ride on that momentum. He did lose to Randy Orton that night but had a good showing, and the company is obviously still working on getting him as much spotlight as possible.

So again, I am somewhat surprised this was not the featured match of the night. Christian is your winner in this one.

The second match of the program is Natalya and Layla taking on Aksana and Alicia Fox. This is one of those bouts that honestly could have featured any four Divas with the exception of AJ Lee and Kaitlyn; for me, the bout is that unimportant.

It’s not that I personally do not want to see the women do well in WWE. I believe that they deserve every opportunity they receive, and it’s a real shame that the majority of their matches have no real meaning at all.

Honestly, do fans truly care about a throwaway Divas tag team match that has no real implications at all? Natalya and Layla are the victors in this match.

The final match of the night is Justin Gabriel versus Heath Slater. While this bout may seem like a useless contest much like the Divas match before it, at least there is some storyline involved.

Slater and Gabriel were teammates in the original Nexus. Following Wade Barrett’s lead, Gabriel, Slater and the rest of the NXT rookies wreaked havoc on a plethora of WWE Superstars as well as legends back in 2010.

Those days are over, of course, but at the very least these two Superstars have some real history together, something to build a rivalry on. They also work pretty well with each other in the ring, so their match is one that will likely be entertaining.

However there was no clear winner here; the match ended in a no-contest.

While Gabriel and Slater was the last bout of the night, the program did not end there. Bray Wyatt and his family emerged from the darkness and once again made their presence known on WWE programming.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attacked not only Justin Gabriel but the 3MB as well. Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were also victims of the Wyatt Family’s explosive rage. After all four men were beaten down; Wyatt grabbed a microphone and delivered what is surely another one of his signature promos.

Bizarre, vague and mysterious, Wyatt’s words echoed through the arena as WWE continues to spotlight the family as often as possible.

This is just another day at the office for the Wyatt Family, who have already attacked both Kane and R-Truth in the ring. The fact is that it seems they have no agenda, that none of the six men assaulted have any real connection to any of Bray’s “teachings” so far.

But the truth is they’re over. And every time they appear on TV, it does nothing but help their cause. WWE creative is obviously committed to this storyline, and I for one am greatly interested to see not only who they will attack next, but where all of this is ultimately going.

WWE Main Event was just another moment in the very short history of the Wyatt Family on the main roster. And you can be sure that there will be many more.