Fan Runs on Field at 2013 MLB All-Star Game, Plans Everything on Twitter

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Fan Runs on Field at 2013 MLB All-Star Game, Plans Everything on Twitter

The most entertaining play of the 2013 MLB All-Star Game didn't air on your television.

With the Fox cameras turned away and radio broadcasters delving into baseball-related topics, a Citi Field security guard executed the perfect tackle on an attention-seeking fan.

As it turns out, Dylan Masone's stunt was premeditated and thoroughly chronicled on his Twitter account (h/t Barstool Sports).

UPDATE: Thursday, July 18, at 11:24 p.m. ET by Doug Mead

According to Sports Illustrated, Masone is facing a possible one-year jail sentence for his complete act of stupidity.


According to a report Thursday from, Dylan McCue-Masone was arraigned this week in a Queens Criminal Court on multiple charges including third-degree criminal trespassing. He will return to court on Sept. 11 and, if convicted, could face up to one year in jail and thousands of dollars in civil penalties.

It also sounds like Queens District Attorney Richard Brown isn't taking Masone's act lightly.

“What is particularly disturbing in this case is that the incident occurred while the game was in progress and the players were on the field.”

---End of update---

Shortly before first pitch, this New York Yankees fan wearing a Robinson Cano No. 24 T-shirt sent this proposition to his followers:

Some users must have accused him of bluffing, hence this confirmation that yes, 1,000 retweets equals one idiotic interruption of the Midsummer Classic:

The "support" started pouring in fast and furious. Based on his updates, it seems like Masone wasn't too eager to actually deliver on his guarantee:

At least one level-headed user tried to talk him down from the ledge by listing the consequences, but to no avail:

His mom also disapproved of this decision:

Even during his final moments of legal behavior, Masone kept us updated. Here's his approximate point of entry down the left-field foul line:

Charles Curtis of provides play-by-play coverage from there:

A fan in a Cano t-shirt dashed onto the field from the stands along the left field line and stopped after passing second base on the infield dirt. Facing a group of security personnel in maroon shirts, he put up his hands to give up. But a member of security grabbed him and slammed the Yankees die-hard to the ground anyway -- he was then escorted from the premises.

Instagram user Colin Barnicle recorded the collision (h/t Barstool Sports):

Impeccable form right there from the security guard, crouching low before striking this hefty kid. This unheralded hero hoisted him into the air and slammed him down with authority.

Then, Masone was gently escorted off the playing field.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Riquette Ramsey snapped a picture of him moments later. Hard to tell whether he's cracking up or breaking down about the whole episode.

Courtesy of @riquetterada

Major League Baseball does its best to discourage this kind of silliness, but these individuals don't care about appearing on the actual broadcast. Social media can just as easily satisfy their craving for exposure.

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